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We offer the complete advertising agency service from devising TV commercial concepts to producing great advertise for TV, online, outdoor, print and planning the right media strategy to get them seen.

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NBY IT is a one stop agency to meet your every demand for producing TV commercials. Here at NBY IT you’ll get the complete advertising agency service (i.e. new concepts, script, cast, shoot and post produce) for producing great ads for TV at great prices.

Flexible Budget Option

NBY IT can offer TV commercial production / TV advertising production for almost all budgets due to its small size and low overheads, with some of the best TV advertising directors in Bangladesh. Contact us for all your TV commercial production and videography needs.

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NBY IT is producing TV commercials at a very affordable price since 2007. Whatever your product or service is TV Commercials can be the most vital tool for your brand’s promotion or advertising. We have a great team with creative talent, who are involving in TV commercial production, TV advertising and videography for several years. And they know how to communicate with people and make your brand popular. We have already produced a large number of TV commercials for top brands both national and international. We’ll offer you the best quality in affordable price. In addition, our TV commercial production is further complimented by our in-house post production facility.

TV Commercial and advertising agency Bangladesh

NBY IT Solution TV Commercial and advertising agency Bangladesh is a company that operates in the multimedia sector. We offer various types of services: TV Commercial production, Advertising making, video productions service, audio video and lighting, photographic and video graphic services, 3d Modeling Rendering and visualization services and audio production and rental of audiovisual equipment. We always aim to expand the range of our services, responding to the most demanding requests of our customers. Our specific skills in the sector allow us to provide a complete service (organization of the service and attention to detail) in order to satisfy any request in the field of audio-video productions, live events and advertising in general.

For the business world, we offer a range of services aimed at helping companies to better approach their customers by exploiting our know-how in the highly dynamic and changing sector of communication.

We develop corporate advertising campaigns and build the corporate image (from the website to the graphic design of catalogs and brochures) and we pay attention to the integration of the corporate image through the creation of films and audiovisual content. We carefully follow the trends of the communication market analyzing at the same time the needs of each customer in order to offer a personalized service that best reflects its business reality. Our service therefore represents a perfect balance between in-depth technical knowledge of communication tools and detailed care of the needs of the sector or of the particular niche in which our client operates.

TV Commercial and advertising agency Bangladesh

Production of Television Commercials:

NBY IT Solution TV Commercial and advertising agency Bangladesh is a company that Designs and produces “TV commercials” at very low cost. Watching our pre made video with special effects and 3d animations along with our video templates you can get an idea of how the video made for TV commercial. Each video is adapted and modified with images and the logo provided by the customer. Our videos can be produced with very high resolution FULL HD Format, to be screened at the cinema.

Video formats are divided in the following ways:

PAL Format: is the classic older TV resolution 720 by 576 4:3 format.

HD Format: HD format has a resolution of 1280 by 720 pixels.

Full HD: Full HD format has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

The films or TV Commercial or resulting footage we are usually made in HD or Full HD format, but in case if client request for other format, this can also be produced in the format PAL 720×576, as many local TV stations are still broadcasting in this format. The production of the audio and voice to be inserted within the work will be carried out as follows:

-The client sends us a text with the basic guidelines about the message or product that wants to advertise.

-We will create a text and adapting it to the times and to the style of the movie depending on the type of product.

-Follows the approval by the customer prior to the implementation of the audio.

The music in the template chosen becomes the backing track of the video. The backing of every template you can change to another base, chosen by a different template with no change in costs.

For reasons of Privacy on this site are not exposed the available voices for the movie, in your quote request, or when you request we can point you in the various links of companies that we work for the realization of speech. The speaker’s fee varies depending on the selected item and the type of work that they must accomplish.

Technologies used by us?

Software used in the creation of our work can be different, when you choose a template, we use Adobe after Effects for special effects and uses Premiere or Final Cut pro is finally is produced by downloading files in mpg2 standards.  In other cases the work can be done with 3D software as 3dsMax, Cinema 4D or Maya, the special effects are created in After Effects and then assembled it all into Premiere or Final Cut.

Producing TV commercials: our work comes in the standard optimized to be broadcast on TV, the video can be provided in format 4:3, PAL, this format even though outdated is used by many local TV broadcasts.

Making Commercials for the Web: at the customer’s request we can supply the movie produced in the resolution and in the standard suitable to be placed inside Google ad words campaigns as Visual advertising banner.

The video to be placed inside of the campaigns comes with the following features depending on the requirements of the standard Google ad words.

Related to video ads:

-Production in 320×250 formats and 336×280.

-Maximum file size not upper to 75 MB

-the number of frame per second is 25, the

The work is delivered with a fixed image in JPEG that will be used as an image of the movie opening. If the use of this image is a video still no additional charge will be added for its realization. If the customer requires the creation of a still image with advertising style that is able to attract the visitor to click on the video, the realization of the image it will be budgeted separately.

Creating commercials for Fairs and Events: all our videos are produced in format HD or Full HD (see above details on this format), compatible with the latest generation TV. You can project our videos in fairs, exhibitions or promotional events with a plasma or LCD TV. Our videos retain maximum detail and the maximum resolution even with very large screens or giant multi-screen projections for events.

Video projections: the videos produced are compatible with video projectors of the latest generation of any model and make and retain maximum detail even for long distance outdoor screenings.

Producing commercials at low cost with using templates: If you have a limited budget, you can realize your video commercials using graphical models, in order to lower production costs.

TV Commercial and advertising agency Bangladesh

Video productions:

We know how powerful the audiovisual medium is. This is why we want to make our skills available in this sector for the creation of different types of products: feature films, short films, TV series, television productions, commercials, corporate promos and videos, concert and theater shows, shows and fashion shows.

The service offered by our video department is complete in terms of technology and experience: the design phase, fundamental element of a well-structured work is expressed through storyboard and direction and then materialized in an accurate choice of locations and participants through the organization of the casting.

The executive phase, on the other hand, requires the availability of adequate means and execution skills; in fact, NBY IT Solution TV Commercial and advertising agency Bangladesh has all the latest instrumentation in insource mode for filming videos.

Finally, the post-production, carried out by experienced industry assemblers, is developed in our video editing rooms, graphic compositing and the audio room.

We offer Institutional and Corporate videos | Musical video clips | TV Spot | Video courses and lessons | Fiction | Documentaries | Video Casting | Teaser | Storytelling | Demo | Training | Testimonials | Leadership | Video streaming events | Video streaming and Web TV | Aerial shots and diving | Format Full HD | Format 4K UHD | Video 3D graphics | 3D Mapping | After Effects and Motion Graphics | Post-production – Editing Rooms |

TV Commercial and advertising agency Bangladesh

Post-production – Editing Rooms

The finalization through video editing is a fundamental step in which directing takes shape in complex and articulated audiovisual communication products. The selection of the best scenes and frames, the accurate editing of the video and a personalized study of the graphics allow to deliver to the customer a high quality product.

Our structure has a creative team of experts in editing and editing workstations fully equipped for video editing in the most requested standards on the market.  NBY IT Solution TV Commercial and advertising agency Bangladesh specializes in post-production of different types of videos: backstage editing, music videos, fiction, short films, documentaries, TV formats, live performances with post-production multicamera, compositing. All the post production is entrusted to expert editors, with creativity and very high ability to interface with the client, with the director, with the operators performing the filming, speaker and editors of the copywriters texts. They are professional figures of connection in a team of advanced creativity that makes the difference. We also offer the possibility of mounting directly on the set with portable workstations.

We offer:

Linear and non-linear assembly | Graphic video and motion effects | 3D graphics | 3D video editing Composing | Green / blue screen editing | Color correction | Special effects for cinema and TV series

TV Commercial and advertising agency Bangladesh

Video crew:

NBY IT Solution TV Commercial and advertising agency Bangladesh video crews are able to meet any video production need. We offer the possibility of shooting indoors or outdoors, with acquisition of digital audio, for video coverage of events, news, interviews, short films, video clips, documentaries, fiction, commercial TV, news, corporate videos, industrial videos and for each other type of audio and video production.

We provide different combinations of specialized crews. For further information and information on the composition of the troupe please contact us. Our technical staff consists of several professional figures specialized in the field of video productions:

Technical staff:

Cameramen | Steadicam operator | Crane operator | Dolly machinist | Lighting technicians | Electricians | Make-up artist | Hairdressers | Costume designers | DOP | Producer

360 ° video productions:

NBY IT Solution TV Commercial and advertising agency Bangladeshis expert in making 360-degree videos; we have rooms, rigs and software specially designed for this type of shooting. It is a 360 ° panoramic video immersive in which the observer is to decide the direction in which to look.

How does a 360 ° video work? Just click play on a panoramic movie and drag the image with the cursor (or rotating the device in case of mobile phone and tablet) to direct the view.

In addition to the production competence, thanks to good equipment and a competent staff, we are experts in post-production, a fundamental part to make the 360 ​​° video really interactive.

TV Commercial and advertising agency Bangladesh

Video shooting studio:

The “Shooting studio” inside the NBY IT Solution TV Commercial and advertising agency Bangladesh structure is equipped with limbo, backgrounds and photographic sets and is perfectly equipped for the most varied types of services, from video productions to photo shoots.

Thanks to the versatility and professionalism of our team, the settings room can be transformed into customized sets based on the specific needs of the client, for photo and video services, including the chroma key set.


TV Commercial and advertising agency Bangladesh


In the video production field, we also offer storyboards as a service. It is an essential phase of the creative process, which allows you to visualize the original idea in images, to fix it and to evaluate different possibilities of realization, finding, for example, the best or the most easily realized framing. In this process NBY IT Solution TV Commercial and advertising agency Bangladesh accompanies you with its experience and creativity.

TV Commercial and advertising agency Bangladesh

Casting Model and actor/actress:

NBY IT Solution TV Commercial and advertising agency Bangladeshis able to organize the casting that is the selection of the different participants (actors, models, extras, hostesses, etc.) for events or video productions. NBY IT Solution TV Commercial and advertising agency Bangladesh will find for you the most suitable faces and talents for different events, from films to advertising, from TV to catalogs, drawing from a large database of models, models, models, actors, extras and actors.

TV Commercial and advertising agency Bangladesh

Search for location:

The choice of location is extremely important for the realization of all types of production: NBY IT Solution TV Commercial and advertising agency Bangladesh offers you the possibility to find the one that best suits your needs and guarantees access permissions with the structure in question.

For any type of advertising, television or photographic event, NBY IT Solution TV Commercial and advertising agency Bangladesh assists you in selecting the most suitable location for the event and the available budget.

TV Commercial and advertising agency Bangladesh

Video shows productions:

The shows are very complex events, requiring preparation, skills and experience, both in the organizational phase and in the executive phase with an important attention to detail.

NBY IT Solution, specialized in filming and post production of fashion shows, is able to support the customer throughout the event, providing the programmed choice of different types of video equipment as well as post-production service. This allows us to guarantee a final product of the highest quality always in accordance with the needs expressed by the customer.

Main services:

Directed live multi cam Full HD | Ultra HD 4K | Live editing and PGM end-to-end delivery on optical media, SSD, HDD (also betacam) | Live streaming | Post production | Backstage| Photo and video reportage |

Equipment and Staff:

HD and 4k broadcast cameras Arm (crane) with remote head | Directed video broadcast | Video operator | Sound engineer | DoP | Live broadcast video director

TV Commercial and advertising agency Bangladesh

Music video clips:

Whatever your sound, NBY IT Solution TV Commercial and advertising agency Bangladesh focuses on it, creating visual suggestions that speak about you, that amplify your musical message, that help your live activity and the diffusion of your music, that leave a trace in the hearts of your fans. NBY IT Solution TV Commercial and advertising agency Bangladesh is at your disposal with all its creativity, professionalism and avant-garde technical equipment to help you create a unique and engaging videoclip, a sound story to share globally. Let your music inspire us, we’ll help you put it on stage.

TV Commercial and advertising agency Bangladesh

Medical videos:

NBY IT Solution TV Commercial and advertising agency Bangladesh offers the service of medical shots and surgical operations in the operating room. The shots are made by our qualified staff. Afterwards it is possible to request the editing of the video and the possible insertion of commentary items and music.

Shooting takes place in compliance with hospital regulations, doctors and patients, using the best technology available.

Blu-ray and DVD authoring:

NBY IT Solution TV Commercial and advertising agency Bangladesh offers a complete service of reprocessing, production and mastering of DVD and Blu-ray. Based on your video, acquired and processed with the best codecs, we will get the best results, optimized in quality and type.

The process of creating a DVD or Blu-ray is called authoring. The production features are innumerable, just think of the type of design necessary if you want to make a film with different narrative paths to choose interactively, with footage from different angles, with multilingual audio, subtitling, etc.

The work includes the following phases:

Acquisition and encoding of video material | Construction of the various chapters (menus), graphics, animation | Creation of the master | Burning of copies required under SIAE | Creation and printing of the cover | Creation and printing on the media (label).

Video conversion:

We perform conversion from / to any video standard: VHS, Super8, Umatic, DVD video, minDV, DVCam, DVCPro, Betacam SP, Digital Beta, Blu-ray. For more information please contact us.

video streaming service provider in Bangladesh

Video streaming:

Video content is slowly becoming a wonderful choice to engage viewers, also because it allows the transmission of a stream of video signals on the network, without download times.

It is not only an effective marketing tool, but also a reliable content delivery system that broadcasters, TV channels or anyone interested in a similar activity want to exploit to reach a considerable number of people.

True Streaming

For on-demand CDN video and live streaming CDN. Automatically transcodes the source stream / video file in the following 5 flow protocols to provide compatibility with all devices:

RTMP / RTMPE – Real Time Messaging Protocol – for Flash players like JW Player or Flow player.

HLS – Apple HTTP Live Streaming – for Android, Apple, QuickTime and HTML5 players like JW Player or Flowplayer.

RTSP – Real Time Streaming Protocol – for Android, Blackberry and smartphone.

Microsoft Smooth Streaming – for Windows Phone and Silverlight players.

Dynamic streaming of Adobe HTTP – for HTML5 players like Flowplayer.

HTTP pseudo streaming

Also known as a progressive download

HTTP pseudo streaming

Source Requirements (Source) – any HLS or any other HTTP stream is supported.

Audio video lights service:

NBY IT Solution TV Commercial and advertising agency Bangladesh takes full care of the preparation for the requested event. We provide both the audio part (audio direction, microphones, CD players / recorders, etc.), and the video part (HD cameras, robotic heads for remote controls, 4-8-16 channel SD video mixer and HD, signal distributors and matrices, monitor preview, etc.). We also set up the lighting system provided with directing and the different types of equipment such as consoles, dimmers, PCs, quartzers, shapers, dominoes, robotized heads, visual effects, lasers, etc. Finally we also propose the preparation of the stage including platforms, assembly of Americans, walkways and platforms, etc.

Technical staff:

Director | Assistant director | Phonic Cameraman | Light technician| Electrician | DJ |Stage director | Stage technician.

Live Direction:

To manage the direction, the shooting and the subsequent editing of live events, it is necessary to have certain skills, safe and professional tools and a high quality crew. Above all, it is necessary to play in advance and foresee events to avoid inconveniences that during a live show are not allowed. That’s why we at NBY IT Solution, now experts in the field of live directing, provide all our professionalism and quality equipment to ensure our customers a result that can fully satisfy them, both in pre and post production.

Only some of our equipment used for the live directing service:

ATEM 2 M / E


The incredible ATEM 2 M / E transmission panel has the power for the most complex live broadcasting events and is perfect when you have space for a large panel and you need all the control at your fingertips.



URSA Mini Pro is the professional digital camera that combines the unbeatable quality of the 4.6K image with the functions and controls of traditional broadcast cameras. It houses a 4.6K Super 35 sensor with 15 stops of dynamic range.



ATEM Television Studio HD is the first production switcher for broadcast and audiovisual professionals. It houses 4 SDI inputs and 4 HDMI inputs with frame synchronization, compatible with broadcast and broadband cameras.



28 “external 4K monitor that allows those in control to have a more defined and wider view of the monitor integrated into the digital video camera. Possibility of multi-view.

Set design service for video

Sets and production design:

The scenography is a visual element that recreates a comfort and an atmosphere and is able to communicate the spirit of the event. We offer solutions for the scenographic set-up of the most varied characteristics trying to offer solutions for every type of request and to satisfy the needs of all the customers.

We are able to design and implement original Scenographic solutions with a great communicative impact for every type of event, exhibitions, commercials, fashion shows and TV sets.

2d and 3d video simulation

2D and 3D simulation in Video:

NBY IT Solution TV Commercial and advertising agency Bangladesh offers the service of planning live events such as music concerts, theater performances, fashion shows, shows, etc. It offers both 2D and 3D simulation, taking care of everything related to logistics. The service offered includes both the rental of multi-purpose equipment and support in all the services related to the organization and implementation of the event.

The immediate availability of any equipment and convenience are, together with an efficient emergency response service throughout the duration of the event, the strengths of NBY IT Solution TV Commercial and advertising agency Bangladesh which make it the ideal partner for private and public entities.

sound recording studio

Recording studio:

NBY IT Solution TV Commercial and advertising agency Bangladesh offers you a full service of audio development: from the revision of the texts, searching for the speaker more suitable to your needs, until the final recording. NBY IT Solution TV Commercial and advertising agency Bangladesh uses an advanced equipment that allows an audio recording and faithful high in terms of quality and cleanliness of the sound. Our speaker and voice actors are all professionals and work in the major dubbing studios and advertising.

NBY IT Solution TV Commercial and advertising agency Bangladesh deals with records of text multimedia, commercials, audio books, audio guides, voice overs. Click the name of the speaker and you can listen to two audio tracks. We will be more than happy to satisfy every your need.

Need a male or female voice? In our area, where you can choose the voice that best suits your project or you can send us your request and we’ll find for you the speaker more in line with your needs! We have available Male voice, Female voice and voice over (VO) artist for your audio requirement.


Movie cameras, Video cameras, Cameras, Arri Alexa Mini, Optics, CINE optics, stands, Slider, Shoulder straps | Rig | Matte box | Follow Focus, Dolly (Carrelli), Crane video (Jimmy jib arm), Field (Set) Monitor, Stabilizers | Steadicam, GoPro, Teleprompter (Gobbo), Video mixer | Directed live, Video Recorders Video projectors Screens | LED monitor, Extender | converters | switches | matrices | splitter | video switch, Memory cards, SSD, HDD, Batteries, Video accessories, PARK LIGHTS, Continuous light, Continuous LED light, Flash light, Stands, Technical material, Skylite (Butterfly), Electrical equipment, AUDIO MATERIAL – Microphones and radio microphones, Audio mixers, speakers, Multitask audio recorders, Audio accessories.

photoshoot for videography

Shooting Photography:

Photography plays a very important role: its use helps to communicate the characteristics of the product and the image of the company. Media Making completes its offer by offering its own photographic services such as backstage fashion shows, still life, product technical catalog, reportage, services for companies, high quality for the most varied needs, taking care of every aspect.



DIRECTOR: Business sense Motivating people Problem-solving Production budget

CAMERAMAN: Video Lights Audio Photography

SOUND MAN: Boom + set video Audio live events Lights console

MAKEUP ARTIST: Fashion make-up Video make-up TV make-up Hair stylist


GRAPHICS DESIGNER: Photo retouching Web design Graphics development

VIDEO EDITOR: Video editing Motion graphics Graphics design Scenography