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We offer the complete advertising agency service from devising TV commercial concepts to producing great advertise for TV, online, outdoor, print and planning the right media strategy to get them seen.

Your One Stop Agency

NBY IT is a one stop agency to meet your every demand for producing TV commercials. Here at NBY IT you’ll get the complete advertising agency service (i.e. new concepts, script, cast, shoot and post produce) for producing great ads for TV at great prices.

Flexible Budget Option

NBY IT can offer TV commercial production / TV advertising production for almost all budgets due to its small size and low overheads, with some of the best TV advertising directors in Bangladesh. Contact us for all your TV commercial production and videography needs.

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NBY IT is producing TV commercials at a very affordable price since 2007. Whatever your product or service is TV Commercials can be the most vital tool for your brand’s promotion or advertising. We have a great team with creative talent, who are involving in TV commercial production, TV advertising and videography for several years. And they know how to communicate with people and make your brand popular. We have already produced a large number of TV commercials for top brands both national and international. We’ll offer you the best quality in affordable price. In addition, our TV commercial production is further complimented by our in-house post production facility.

Production of Television Commercials

NBY IT Solution is a company that Designs and produces “TV commercials” at very low cost. Watching our pre made video with special effects and 3d animations along with our video templates you can get an idea of how the video made for TV commercial.

Each video is adapted and modified with images and the logo provided by the customer. Our videos can be produced with very high resolution FULL HD Format, to be screened at the cinema.

Which formats videos are made?

Video formats are divided in the following ways:

PAL Format: is the classic older TV resolution 720 by 576 4:3 format.
HD Format: HD format has a resolution of 1280 by 720 pixels.
Full HD: Full HD format has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

The films or TV Commercial or resulting footage we are usually made in HD or Full HD format, but in case if client request for other format, this can also be produced in the format PAL 720×576, as many local TV stations are still broadcasting in this format.

As audio and speech production is realized?

The production of the audio and voice to be inserted within the work will be carried out as follows:

-The client sends us a text with the basic guidelines about the message or product that wants to advertise.
-We will create a text and adapting it to the times and to the style of the movie depending on the type of product.
-Follows the approval by the customer prior to the implementation of the audio.

The music in the template chosen becomes the backing track of the video. The backing of every template you can change to another base, chosen by a different template with no change in costs.

Where can I choose the voice of the Speaker?

For reasons of Privacy on this site are not exposed the available voices for the movie, in your quote request, or when you request we can point you in the various links of companies that we work for the realization of speech. The speaker’s fee varies depending on the selected item and the type of work that they must accomplish.

For reasons of privacy on this site you are not exposed the voices available for the realization of the movie, at the inquiry stage or when they request it, we can show you the various links of the companies to which we rely for the realization of speech. The cost of the speaker varies according to the selected item and the type of work that must be realized.

What are the costs?

To get a cost of labor is necessary to contact us to receive a quote; to this we must add the cost of the speaker’s voice. This cost can vary depending on the type of chosen voice.

With which technologies work?

Software used in the creation of our work can be different, when you choose a template, we use Adobe after Effects for special effects and uses Premiere or Final Cut pro is finally is produced by downloading files in mpg2 standards.  In other cases the work can be done with 3D software as 3dsMax, Cinema 4D or Maya, the special effects are created in After Effects and then assembled it all into Premiere or Final Cut.

How you can use our video production?

Producing TV commercials: our work comes in the standard optimized to be broadcast on TV, the video can be provided in format 4:3, PAL, this format even though outdated is used by many local TV broadcasts.

Making Commercials for the Web: at the customer’s request we can supply the movie produced in the resolution and in the standard suitable to be placed inside Google ad words campaigns as Visual advertising banner.

The video to be placed inside of the campaigns comes with the following features depending on the requirements of the standard Google ad words

 Related to video ads:

-Production in 320×250 formats and 336×280.
-Maximum file size not upper to 75 MB
-the number of frame per second is 25, the

The work is delivered with a fixed image in JPEG that will be used as an image of the movie opening. If the use of this image is a video still no additional charge will be added for its realization. If the customer requires the creation of a still image with advertising style that is able to attract the visitor to click on the video, the realization of the image it will be budgeted separately.

Creating commercials for Fairs and Events: all our videos are produced in format HD or Full HD (see above details on this format), compatible with the latest generation TV. You can project our videos in fairs, exhibitions or promotional events with a plasma or LCD TV. Our videos retain maximum detail and the maximum resolution even with very large screens or giant multi-screen projections for events.

Video projections: the videos produced are compatible with video projectors of the latest generation of any model and make and retain maximum detail even for long distance outdoor screenings.

Producing commercials at low cost with using templates:

If you have a limited budget, you can realize your video commercials using graphical models, in order to lower production costs.