As conceived by most, 3D modeling and animation freelancing isn’t the easiest way of working. It isn’t easy to be your own boss. However, it has its own plus too. In this article, we discuss about the ups and downs in 3D modeling and animation freelancing.

The positive aspects

Being a freelancer you get to be your own boss and have the liberty to work from any location- home, coffee shop or any location you please. These options give the designer a lot of freedom in their daily lives.

One of the huge plus is that you just work 10 foot away from your bed and this saves money spent on gas and other expenses. In today’s world, it also saves a huge amount of time escaping the traffic.

While working as a freelancer you are your own boss. No one breathes down your neck all day asking for progress reports. Apparently, there isn’t anybody to criticize your work too. They are answerable only to the clients and if they keep the client’s interests in mind while designing, they are completely on their own.

One also has the flexibility of setting own schedule. For instance, if you plan to go on a vacation, you can carry on with your work from any place and at a convenient time.

The negative aspects

Like any coin has two sides, even 3D modeling and animation freelancing has a downside to it. One thing you don’t learn in design school is how one must run a business. So you must consider the following aspects before getting into 3D modeling and animation freelancing.

The toughest part of 3D modeling and animation freelancing is that there is no job security. If you work for a company, you know you will get a pay check on time. However, freelancers do not have that luxury. If they don’t find a prospective client they may not have enough cash to even pay up their bills.

Another issue with 3D modeling and animation freelancing is that certain times clients do not pay on time. Typically, a client must pay for the job done immediately after the work is finished. But this is not the case all the time. Few clients face cash flow problems because of which they may not pay on time. In such circumstances, you need to keep a track on them and periodically remind them of the payments. If you work for a company, this is taken care by another department but in case of freelancers you have to handle it on your own.


Moreover, as a freelancer you have to handle everything yourself from being a salesman to a book keeper or a project manager. This isn’t easy for people who have handled only designing all through their lives.