Use of 3d printing technologies in construction

Use of 3d printing technologies in construction. Architectural 3D modeling originated and began to spread around the world very recently, but now you can use all its capabilities to create experimental and presentation models.

It is a practical and useful tool that saves a lot of time, and also expands the scope of the architects’ abilities to realize their boldest ideas and ambitions.

Architectural visualization, the price of 3d printing

3D printing makes it easy to create small architectural forms. Now it’s not only much easier to create truly any model, but it does not even need to be looked at on the computer. Even if it is at the stage of the concept and requires improvements, it can still be quickly manufactured and presented. Let’s consider in detail some advantages of 3D printing in construction, as well as the cost of 3D visualization of the exterior.



Rapid creation of experimental and presentation models – + is far from the only possibility of 3D printing. It also allows you to recreate existing objects in reality, and do it with maximum accuracy and small time costs. If we compare this method of visualization in comparison with traditional ones (for example, manufacturing on machines), then it is more efficient, because requires significantly less time and materials.


3D printing plays a big role in improving the usual design methods. With its help, it is possible to produce models with nonlinear geometry, although earlier this represented some complexity. Together with parametric modeling and other methods of creating projects based on algorithms, this expands the capabilities of architects. Now they can 100% faithfully reproduce in reality the idea that has appeared in the minds to share it with others.


Printed on a 3D printer projects can present truly unimaginable forms, differing in their complexity and unusual. From the outside, it may seem that architects and designers are coming to an audience that is always hungry for something new. However, the advantage of this possibility lies in the greater functionality of the projects.

Cost 3d render of the exterior, architecture

While 3D printing is used in construction not so actively, however this direction has great prospects

For example, it was this technology that allowed bio mimicry to be taken to a new level. This is what design is called, inspired by Mother Nature itself. Over the past 10 years, he gained his popularity, and now architects can create complex designs in this style without any complications.


The cost of 3D printing of a project depends mainly on its size. The more the model – the more expensive it will cost; will require more materials and capacities. Contact us so that we can calculate the cost of manufacturing your project.

3D printing deprives architects and designers of almost all restrictions that previously prevented them from fully implementing their ideas, and also allows projects to be submitted to all interested parties as soon as possible.