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3D modeling and animation offer the realism of photography with far greater efficiency and flexibility.

3D Modeling and Animation

What can we do: 3D Modeling, Animation & Visualization.

With several years of experience in 3D modeling and animation there’s not much NBY IT can’t handle.  NBY IT uses 3D Studio MAX, Render Engine, and Blender for building models. NBY IT has provided 3D car modeling service to international clients like – Audi, Toyota and Mercedes Benz, all types of 3D architectural modeling and rendering services, full-scale 3D game modeling and various other game assets.

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3D Modeling
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Custom 3D Modeling Services, Including Animation & Visual Effects

We have a highly certified team of drafters, engineers and architects at NBY IT those who can provide you with excellent 3D modeling services for any project…

3D Product Modeling

3D Product Modeling

We ensure 100% satisfactorily 3D product modeling, rendering and animation services, as we have a very good designers’ team with extensive experience in product modeling field.
3D Automotive/Car Modeling

3D Automotive/Car Modeling

We are providing 3D car modeling services and interior design model at an affordable price. We use 3D Max and Maya software to design and develop the 3d car model.
3D Character/Props Modeling

3D Character/Props Modeling

Our skilled artists do such an incredible job of bringing our 3D characters to life. Our 3D characters, props, and models look great.
3D Game Modeling

3D Game Modeling

Whether you need a full-scale 3D Game Modeling for a game or just one area to be fleshed out, we will do it for you efficiently and affordably.
3D Architectural Modeling

3D Architectural Modeling

We cover all types of 3D architectural modeling and rendering services like 3D architectural rendering, 3D interior rendering design, 3D exterior rendering etc.
3D Furniture Modeling

3D Furniture Modeling

Our 3D furniture modeling service is affordable and we have a talented team of 3D artist, graphic designer and QA who are capable of high volume production.

These Are Just A Few Reasons For Choosing Our 3D Modeling Services

  • We maintain NDA (Non Disclose Agreement) of every project

  • Assuring industry standard quality for digital and print production

  • Agile project management, on time delivery of projects

  • Highly skilled and experienced project managers

  • Competitive price quote

  • 24/7 customer service with quick reply and communications


We deliver the best work that leads to the financial rewards for our clients.

We assign dedicated project manager in every project we take on. We are a team of web designers, graphic designers, 3D animators, architecture 3D model, architecture modeling, photographers, programmers, character modelers, strategic planners, project managers, QA testers etc.

Software Solution

Software Solution

We are a full service software solution company. Whether you need a just need a small software solution or a branded and enterprise software solution we are ready to serve.
Mobile Application

Mobile Application

With highly trained and skilled team in iPhone & android app development arena, we are ready to develop any kind of mobile apps with affordable budget and on time delivery.
Web Application

Web Application

We can transform your ideas into reality. Our web application designers are highly skilled and experienced to make web application design and development on time and error free.
TVC and Video Editing

TVC and Video Editing

With more than 7 years of experiences in TVC and Video Editing, mechanical engineering models, we can bring out the best from a video. Our experience is a worth and that makes us special.
Graphic Design

Graphic Design

For years we are delivering our graphic design services like – logo design, banner design, magazine design, flyer design, point of purchase, point of sale etc. to international clients.
Photo Editing

Photo Editing

We are providing simple image clipping path to very complex clipping path, photo retouch and image masking services to our international client and they are very satisfied with our services.

We Love our Clients, And They Love Us Too.

We are fully dedicated to our clients. We are committed to provide highest quality in every project we do. We assign dedicated project manager in every project we take on.

Just Take a Look on Our Happy Clients

3D Modeling Client
3D Modeling Client
3D Modeling Client
3D Modeling Client
3D Modeling Client
3D Modeling Client

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3D Modeling Services

3D Modeling Services

Our modeling, 3D rendering and animation services are geared to improve the quality of your project presentations and communication. The realism, detail and quality of our products will be the key ingredient to present you the best by making the difference. Render 3D, Realism and Efficiency.

Among our main services: 3D modeling, 3D projects, lighting and rendering of realistic images, Production of images of external environments, interior and objects, Animated 3D animation studio.

Production of photo compositions for feasibility study and landscape relationship, Pupils and graphics for project presentations and real estate marketing, 3D and 3D Tracking Animations, Web design and interactive multimedia presentations, Design and realization of video games for mobile, desktop and web platforms. Musical production and production of soundtrack for movies.

Three-dimensional rendering is a graphical process that allows you to get realistic images starting from project elements. With this solution, you can create external scenes, interiors or abstract scenes to capture fixed or moving shots (3D animations).

Our customers entrust us their designs, usually CAD 2D digital files, from which our staff obtains three-dimensional models, respecting in detail the track received. The models are then integrated by applying to the surfaces of the coating materials to simulate the final yield of each element: plaster for walls, parquet or tiles for flooring, wood for window frames and finishes … Each element of the scene comes to life with the ” inserting light points and lighting system, a real key element for realistic images that are often indistinguishable from a photograph.

You can present your designs using the images we have made and communicate effectively to your customers all the value of your project solutions. Our production processes will allow you to supervise each step to ensure the perfect performance of your ideas. Thanks to our experience in rendering the renderings will come to life and will provide you with a perfect tool for project presentations, real estate brokering or even advertising.

Our solutions will also allow you to publish your work on web or dedicated apps, even using real-time 3D graphics for interactive navigation and immersive presentations with maximum emotional impact.

We produce 3D images suitable for displaying residential complexes, commercial buildings, and villas to attach illustrations that are suitable for landscaping practices or commercial and real estate presentations. The images can portray the exterior of an exterior (interior rendering) or interior: in any case the details will be taken care of to enrich the settings and achieve impressive results.

Quickness, experience and flexibility are the qualities that distinguish us from other: get a quote for the production of images, for modeling and for creating a 3D movie. You will also find out what the costs can be!

Precisely because we use 3D virtual reality as a design technique, we can also produce images and movies of extraordinary realism that can be used to create catalogs, brochures or other marketing materials, even before they have completed the first prototype of product. A valuable communication tool that we put at customer service.

Our rendering and animation service uses advanced 3D modeling software (3D studio Max) and is born as a natural consequence of our traditional approach to customer: we are sensitive to customer needs and want to respond effectively and promptly to its needs, even anticipating it needs.

Helping the customer to be incisive and present in the market, even from a communicative point of view, is our strength that distinguishes us from the competition. Do you want to receive more information about the 3D modeling and animation service? Consult the photo gallery or contact us.

NBY IT Solution specializing in 3D modeling and animation services. Realizes Motion Graphic presentations with great visual impact through the use of Adobe and Autodesk applications. It also benefits from the collaboration of professionals within USA architectural for the implementation of high-level projects.

NBY IT Solution deals mainly with the following facilities: 3D Modeling, 3D Animation, Rendering, Video Editing, Compositing, Photo Editing, Texturing, and Graphic Design. NBY IT Solution provides an Subscription Mode to avail of ongoing monthly co-operation.

Complete supply of 3D services for companies. From 3D modeling to photorealistic rendering. Architectural and organic three-dimensional animation. Prototyping and 3D printing.

Now you can rent our Workstation for hours. You can use the equipment in this office: 3D Modeling rendering 2D Drawing Video editing or compositing. 2d – Photo – Video. Provision of photographic services and video shooting. Creating Time Lapse and Stop Motion movies. Post-Production and Video Editing.

Introducing your own design, the design you worked on for a long time, effectively and convincingly is a key event for presenting your ideas. Knowing how to use the correct solution, detail in detail, faithful to the project, captivating and impacting is crucial to the success of your communication.

We know very well the importance of this step and we have been at the side of design professionals for years to provide them with the ideal solution for their interior and exterior project presentations.

The use of graphics obtained through a rigorous reproduction of original projects guarantees realism and fidelity to the realization. Our experience allows us to add those elements and details that can make the scene alive. The images we produce are the result of a job that is in close contact with our customers who guide our work to get familiar, clear and convincing presentations to the target audience.

This is only possible using innovative graphic simulation tools combined with the practice matured in years of work with demanding and capable designers and designers.

3d Rendering Exterior

An effective presentation ensures attention and strengthens the communication of ideas. We are convinced, and for this reason, we offer to guarantee the customer images and make 3D accurate and realistic.

To produce our external 3D rendering, we pay great attention to the study of light, the use of realistic materials and the correct surface properties. We partner with the customer in defining important details for different environments, decorating them with important elements to increase realism and effectiveness in communication.

Our method of work, elaborated in the cost of many different features, puts us at the customer’s disposal to choose the shots, to define the charts to be used in the images, using a number of renderings to find the solution Correct and optimizing dedicated time and costs.

We can define how to handle an intervention, managing it completely from 3D modeling to the production of photo realistic views or using elements already in your possession material, photo images, 3D models.

3D rendering services

Here are some of our pre-render services: Modeling, material creation and rendering of photorealistic images. Non-photorealistic graphics solutions to render in volumetric style. Graphic design for project presentations, previews or graduate theses. Alignment and photographic images and photo composition Decoration of exterior environments with 3D vegetation, furnishings, people and vehicles in 3D modeling.


Creating 3D animations lets your project’s rendering become a real video in which indoor and outdoor environments are recreated in three dimensions in all their detail and photorealistic rendering ; animation also makes your project a living experience through virtual space navigation , which is thus perceived to the best in their volumes and in their most exhilarating and emotional aspects.

An animated presentation is a sure-fire solution: the project takes shape thanks to three-dimensional photorealistic rendering, accurate frame selection and choice of mounting rhythm.

How to make a 3D animation

To create 3d video animations you begin by building a storyboard to identify the 3D scenes to be realized and the communicative purpose of each one. In this first phase of analysis, based on customer expectations, a project trail will be created to organize the next stages of the job by choosing the shots of the video, listing the people with whom the scene is popular, examining which animations should be produced and Texts are expected to be displayed on screen. Graphic techniques will also be used: full motion 3D (each frame different from the previous one for continuous camera movements or large animated subjects), 3D compositing (for 3D video merging other videos Origin), and motion graphics (animation of 2D elements or texts).

Once the storyboard has been agreed, it passes to the preliminary production phase of the video, which involves the modeling of 3D scenes and the objects used in them. Scenes are finalized by adding surface coating materials and lighting system.

The next step is to create the first animated versions of the various scenes, often in a draft version without applying the final calculation of the individual frames but still obtaining the video material suitable for a first-time comparison with the customer: a perfect pre-fit is obtained for evaluate the directional solutions adopted and discuss how to finish the individual scenes.

When you apply the changes and additions that emerged from video-based comparisons, the finalization will be done by rendering definite resolution all the frames provided by the various scenes. This material, once ready, will be used to address the final stage of the creative 3D animation process: assembly to arrange all the various sections together and apply finishes such as titles and audio base.

High-Level presentations to impress your Customers

3D Modeling, Rendering  services for architecture and construction


We provide a range of custom 3D modeling services in our own ultra-modern Modeling center. We do not just Model, we work under the key regardless of the complexity of the problems of customer. Objects created by the 3D modeling service, – a special kind of art, and the people who bought them are very unusual in their thinking.

This is a three-dimensional thinking and understanding, that henceforth any idea can be modeled, to materialize Unique 3D model is a maximum of individuality and the ability to piece Modeling without increasing the cost. Seriously – we can materialize the object that you have created in your mind.

We are professionals with extensive and varied experience in the field of 3D modeling and object modeling know all the subtleties of its subsequent quality in Modeling. We use professional software that allows you to solve the problem quickly. Basic software with which we work: Geo Magic, Zbrush, 3DS Max, Solid Work.

3D-modeling – is a complex process that requires special skills and education, it allows us to take a job in extremely complex projects in execution, including 3D-modeling services of industrial technical details.

Our Custom 3d-modeling services:

3D modeling based on sketches, sketches and photos. Development of 3D-models for engineering drawings. Reverse-engineering. Review and edit 3D-modeling. Development of 3D models for engineering drawings. Precision Prototyping. Preparation of 3D models for Model. Further development of models. Creates 3D modeling from scratch. We listen to the customer and maximize refinements reflect them in the model.

3D modeling service a separate interesting area on the 3D market. By using professional equipment – 3D modeling, the object is transferred to a digital model, and then proceeds to modeling specialist.

NBY IT Solution has good experience on 3D modeling service of objects in the field of art and industry. Working with the geometry of any complexity, volume and highly professional and ultra-modern equipment allow us to solve the problem of “blind spots” 3D Modeling of objects of any size Works with labels or without we have a successful track of 3D modeling service objects with the geometry of varying complexity:


Cars and motorcycles; Car parts (bumper, hood, trunk, seats, wheel arches and other parts of the exterior and interior); Details of mechanisms, technical devices and appliances; Dishes (plates, cups, bottles); Subjects of an interior (furniture, vases, figurines, hangers, bas-reliefs, moldings, sculpture);Museum exhibits and objects of cultural heritage (archaeological finds, shreds, skulls, skeletons, objects of historical value); Statues and sculptures Personal protective equipment (helmets, helmets, gas masks).


Human Modeling 3D Scan cost is calculated according to three parameters: 1. the size of the object 2. The complexity of detail and spatial geometry 3. The expected result and clarity of 3D-Modeling service. For a more precise determination of the cost of the necessary pictures of the object. Center of 3d-technology. We materialize any ideas!

We are engaged in 3D modeling service, 3D modeling service, prototyping high-precision, three-dimensional Modeling by the latest contemporary of 3D-technology. Scope and opportunities of our company sharpened by 3D-technology – is our specialty. Own ultramodern center of 3D modeling service allow us to control the quality of Modeling at all stages of the work.

The company employs highly qualified specialists who will solve the problem of modeling, 3D modeling service and post-processing of any complexity. We explain all the features customers, we try to popularize 3D modeling service, we give a good mood, and most importantly the idea materialize. The basis of our company – optimistic view to the future, the creative expression of each employee, coordinated collective work.

We see the results of the company 3D modeling service as their own personal. We give each employee to develop and promote this. We stand by our word. We do not complicate the 3D modeling service business processes. Effectively what just. We are committed to the democratic collegial management style. Listen to the views of each employee shall be taken together. We solve interesting problems. Our employees – people with high self-organization. We simplify life and make it interesting with the help of 3d-technologies.

We own all the subtleties of 3D modeling services, using certified software. we have successful experience of 3D-Modeling of objects with the geometry of varying complexity. 3D-services – it is so individual, and requests are so diverse and unusual that such work for us – a real pleasure our highly qualified and experienced professionals solve 3D-tasks of any complexity and realize any ideas of 3D-technology. Specify your architectural project and furniture. We can create virtual images of your environment.

The 3D modeling services are a powerful sales tool, because you can show your customers the product or project as if it were over. It is certainly an option that provides an enriching customer experience at a very affordable cost. 3D modeling service is ideal for presenting innovative ideas such as: Demo 3D Packaging. 3D character modeling. Stand design. Interior design. Surveying.

Generally, people who are not familiar with the architecture, can not visualize the design to just watch a plane in two dimensions. DDL offers the service cuts 3D plant, which will allow you to show precisely what you are offering, with colors, textures, facilities and real furniture, allowing anyone who has or no experience in reading of an idea plans, the ability to immediately understand your project. 3d Modeling Service Delivered as a final product, sophisticated images of 3D models photofinishing. These images (renders), can be used for websites, brochures, sales folders, large format printing, etc.


NBY IT 3D Modeling Services provides 3D modeling, animation and rendering services for the architecture, interior and exterior display, marketing solutions and design requirements. Our 3D design specialists can transform your photos, existing graphics, schematic drawings or ideas into incredible 3D graphic representations. We provide custom design and 3D animation, 3D modeling, 3D rendering, 3D walk throughs, and a range of multimedia and interactive. Services can vary in quality from wire frame, vector illustration, cel-shaded or photo-realistic to suit your needs. We can provide high-end walk throughs of interior and exterior spaces, offering visualization of every detail from the fabrics and surfaces, lighting and detailed measurements, to ensure realistic representation.

Look NBY IT 3D Modeling Services for 3D design services, including: 2D / 3D design and animation animations and walk throughs. 3D product modeling. 3D visualization services. 3D presentations and multimedia solutions. 3D Building Modeling. 3D architectural rendering. Indoor / Outdoor modeling. 3D rendering interior designer. 3D architectural exterior rendering. Outsource your 3D design needs and requirements for Quality rendering graphics. With our state-site Art Farm rendering, NBY IT 3D Modeling Services provides an economical and professional design and 3D rendering services with fast delivery times.

NBY IT 3D Modeling Services realize your project in 3D graphics, with special attention to detail and quality. In the design phase NBY IT 3D Modeling Services can help you visualize your ideas quickly and effectively. In a competition NBY IT 3D Modeling Services can make a difference in the jury to understand the different of your project.

We love the details. we realize materials and textures, carefully choose design elements that fit with design environments.  Understand the lighting and camera angles. its help clients fond of environments that you designed. Pictures that communicate emotions and accurately describe your idea.

We believe that the beauty of a project goes valued. NBY IT 3D Modeling Services provide graphic design, logo design and corporate identity linked to the project, layout, brochures and placards from the yard. NBY IT 3D Modeling Services work with printing professionals who offer quality, materials, finishes and attention to detail.

We offer advice to real estate agencies, architectural firms and engineering companies working in the field of design and interior design on topics such as corporate image and communication, managing sites and social networks.

WE offer 3d modeling services and rendering services which are the forefront of Modern technology. Apparent Reality through a highly advanced 3D Modeling Services approach offers its customers an exclusive service.

3D Modeling Services is the best representation of your product. The expert use of solid modeling techniques developed over years of research allows 3D Modeling Services to handle any kind of difficulty in producing high quality photo realistic 3d models both geometrically (3D mathematical objects) that color (texture). 3D Modeling Services approach is designed to exceed all boundaries for the stylist or art director in the construction of images for catalogs, advertising and marketing activities. There are no longer any conventional limits of 3D Modeling Services that circumscribe network availability the abacus of possible furnishings arrangements.

we have accurate mapping and real materials. Advanced texturing allows 3D Modeling Services to make the geometry created absolutely believable and real. Wood, leather, metals are carefully evaluated by one of our team, and samples provided by customers are shot in studio with high-resolution digital backs and used in 3D Modeling Services virtual sets. Cloth techniques simulating of last generation allow us to successfully face the difficult challenge of photo realistic result.

3D Modeling Services built images around you for your marketing. Architectures, atmospheres, furniture, objects, anything is possible and real. The virtual complete set is then entrusted to a team of professional photographers that depict the most beautiful light and further processed by an internal render farm which enables 3D Modeling Services to manufacture shot in high definition in a few hours.

World Wide 3D Modeling, Rendering & Simulation Services

Enterprise 3D Animation and 3D Applications for Mobile Devices:

NBY IT Solution is a 3D Modeling, Rendering, animation and visualization Agency specializing in the application of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). We differentiate ourselves from other companies in the sector in which we rely on the enhancement of the user experience through the use of 3D Virtual Simulation.

We help companies that wish to promote the growth of the ICT sector and the business transformation towards the new Digital Society, by researching and developing new products and services with high value added 3D, to improve their competitiveness. Also we help in the definition of the associated business model, accompanying all types of companies during the process of development and piloting. We also undertake to adapt our solutions to the needs that each organization needs. Offering tight prices and high quality services.

To be a reference company in the field of ICT for the excellence of its research and development in the most important fields of 3D visualization. Sectors – Health, Industrial Design, Architecture and Interior Design, Energy and Transport, Food, Environment, Education.

Services Renders, Infographics, 3D Animation and Audiovisual Productions. Effectively communicate ideas and concepts of great technical complexity. Synthesis capacity. Accelerate project decision making by creating prototypes and virtual tours of great realism. Impress your audience by gaining visibility on the Internet and on social networks. Reach new markets and customers by displaying your new products / services on the web. Get ​​ahead of the competition.

Web Design / 3D Application Design – Custom Simulators for Smartphones. Today, there are solutions designed especially for every circumstance, for all key processes and industries, and there is no indication that the speed of technological progress will slow down. We present some key processes. Simulators for Industrial Design – 360º and interactive.

3D decoration programs. 3D Configurators of Finishing and Painting. Medical anatomy 3D simulators.  Simulators for Educational Projects. Interactive Virtual Visits for Architecture and Interior Design projects. Online Stores – Virtual and Self-managing. Control of External Devices – Iot (Internet of things). Design of control systems using touch screens and communication interfaces. (Home automation) Design of Stereoscopic Vision Systems – Oculus Rift.

Augmented Reality / Augmented Reality Augmented Reality Editorial: Logos and Catalogs that come to life through 3D augmented reality. Augmented Reality – for children: Online games (Advergaming). Augmented Reality – Virtual testers (Kinect) for events, fairs and congresses. Others: Events and developments tailored for Events, Fairs and Congresses.

What makes us different from other studios 3D graphics? What is our advantage?

Instantly respond to your message, call back in 10 minutes! We take into account all your requirements and answer your questions! Quality work and individual approach to each project. Always keep the stipulated time frame – this is one of our operating principles. Our clients communicate directly with the contractor, without an intermediary. We offer a phased payment of works, which is convenient for the majority of customers. We are working remotely throughout Russia with a greater audience reach

NBY 3D Modeling Services Stages of works

  1. What is included with the process itself of working with us?
  2. Contact us in any convenient way: by telephone, e-mail or via the feedback form on the site.
  3. We form a task and study the terms of reference. The result is the amount of work, in which we define the cost and terms and offer them to the client.
  4. At the intermediate stage, the client is presented sketches and drafts. Preliminary renderings help to figure out what you need to fix and adjust to the overall style and composition.
  5. We proceed to detail: the client sends a small picture in order to supplement or correct the details of rendering bugs.
  6. Send finish work in high resolution, with all the additions and changes.
  7. Pleased with each other, together with the client closes the order.

Industrial Design and 3D Product Modeling

Industrial Design, Modeling and 3D Product Rendering: 3D modeling in the field of industry is used in innumerable situations, from the design phase of any product to its manufacture and commercialization. We just need a drawing of the model that you want to produce in 3D so you can model it in three-dimensional form. In the initial phase of a design sometimes it is not necessary to invest time in exact technical drawings to visualize the prototype, with just a drawing we will create a piece in 3D with all the advantages and applications that this entails.

A technical plan. In this way the result of the 3D model will be exact, as it appears in the technical specifications. Through the same physical object. There is a frequent need to have a 3D model of an object that we have physically. In this case it is not necessary to make drawings or drawings to be able to model it in 3D, we simply generate the piece in 3D from the same physical object.

In photo integrations or photo montages: Insert the product modeling in 3D in an environment or real photography. Creation of a 360º visualization from the 3D modeling of the product. Use 3D modeling to produce a physical prototype or make it in series. View the product modeling in 3D in an animation for advertising or promotional purposes. In the visualization of multiple finishes of a product as for example in the test phase of a design or its presentation to potential clients as a virtual 3D model. Use of 3D Modeling for small scale physical printing. This type of work is frequently done in the generation of molds for the manufacture of products or presentations of physical prototypes before contests of industrial design or testing in the industrial design phase.

Prices for 3D modeling and visualization.


economy Standard VIP
$10. / m2 $15.  / m2 $30. / m2
3 d visualization interior using realistic textures and materials 3 d visualization of the interior with all the little things, the texture patterns to finishes that really exist Individual methods of qualitative study and 3 d visualization very High luminance quality


Economy Standard VIP
From $200. From $300. From $500.
3 d visualization of buildings and structures, which are the external environment (trees, grass, people, cars).We use textures and low detail models 3 d visualization of buildings with absolutely any external environment. We use textures and patterns of very high quality. Photorealistic processing Detailed study of all the details exterior, the light from the setting of the author, the artist’s approach to work


Economy Standard Vip
From $50. From $100 From $150
The model, made of standard low study. Texture medium-quality models. Model with a qualitative study. Texture of high quality models.
Detailed study of all the details. The textures used scan. Artistic approach to modeling.


Economy Standard VIP
From $300 From $700 From $1500
Development of a choice of three types of presentations: 3 d tour, or walk through the interactive presentation. Uses standard textures and models. The development of 3 d tour, or Walk through the interactive presentation using textures and higher detail models. The development of 3 d tour, or walk through the interactive presentation using textures and high-quality models with photorealistic treatment.


Economy Standard VIP
From $50 / Sec. From $100. / Sec. From $250. / Sec.
Simple animation: motion machines, objects, animation, simple process. Animation of average complexity: human motion, animation, animals, work mechanisms. Animation any processes such as combustion, working with liquids, complex movement mechanisms.


Economy Standard VIP
From $10 / 1 weaving From $15 / 1 weaving From $25. / 1 weaving
Flat terrain with a minimum amount of low-poly objects. Relief with little height difference, the use of objects medium details. Relief of any height differences and Complex objects.