Welcome to NBY IT 3D Services world. Our business was founded in 2007, we are a company of 360° 3D Modeling, Rendering, Visualization & animation services provider and our creative and original main objective is to treat & manage the corporate image of our customers. Our unique 3D Services make us different than other company.

Our strength is the ability to offer the customer complete 3D services. Our efforts have focused mainly on 3D Video production offering creative design services and Marketing strategy, 3D video production, commercials, Video in Motion Graphics, but also graphic design on paper and construction of Web sites. 3D modeling and animation design.


NBY IT 3d Modeling

3d modeling is the path by which you create 3D surfaces, to obtain an image or video. The areas where you can use the 3d modeling are different from the automotive industry, industrial design, architecture, animation movies, commercials etc. The purpose of the 3d modeling is to obtain a model, a prototype, a setting or a character to animate. The main objective is to create what doesn’t exist, creating forms, environments, landscapes, buildings and through the digital artist’s hand, take on a real texture.

With the design service Creation and 3D animation, we can provide the following services:

Photo realistic:

The photo realistic rendering allows you to have fully realized photographic images to your computer. This allows you to create and print brochures or catalogs prior to the implementation of the product.

Industrial Rendering:

Include 3d modeling and photo realistic industrial processes machinery or production processes.

Rendering of interiors and exteriors:

Used in the field of architecture allows you to preview the realization of Interior or exterior building. We see in detail some examples of services we make available to you with this technology.

Achievements in 3d services we can achieve for you are the following:

3D Graphics production:

3d graphics can meet many business needs, often one need to show a product even before it is joined in production, so it is necessary to be equipped with a 3d video that shows and know to better describe what the true potential of a prototype are or an object that is already made. With our service we are able to provide highly professional movies 3d graphics, with which you can animate in detail all the steps in a process that can be industrial, as the detailed description of an industrial production process or simply you can make movies in 3d graphics that describe how to use a mechanical or technological product. The 3d films we produce can be used on all media, TVS HD or FULL HD, Table, Smartphone. The music video can be posted on their website, or be disclosed on YouTube; It can be used for advertising purposes come video banner, becoming an excellent advertising channel on the web.


Creating 3d films of prototypes:

The production of prototypes may be making movies in 3d prototype itself to disclose and advertise the product before it is made. This allows you to quickly obtain results in product promotion. We can create prototypes from a CAD model and then apply various types of materials, create animations of the object or simulating any mechanical operation. We can make any type of material, such as photo realistic way: metal, alloys, glass, plastic, wood, plexi glass etc. The production of 3d movies can be made on prototypes as prototypes of shoes or shoes, appliances, mechanical products, bathroom fittings, silicone molds, prototypes, architectural prototypes, prototype in dentistry and medicine, prototypes of toys, sanitary ware, metal sintering, military, research and universities, etc. Our company can realize any prototype in 3d starting even from simple images taken by the customer.


Modeling and Rendering of 3D logos and trademarks:

We can do a makeover of your logo or design and build in 3d your logo. Thanks to 3d modeling you can give a professional image for your business. The logo made in 3d you can animate to place it within a video or within a commercial or corporate video.

3D Photographic renderings of products for catalogs or Brochures:

Often the photograph is not sufficient to give the right value to a product, build in 3d a means saving on the cost of production by giving an illustrative value to the object created in 3d. Products that we can mould and optionally animating in 3d are: oil or wine bottles, cans, packs, boxes, tubes and cosmetic products. Through the use of modeling and photo realistic 3d objects you can build product catalogues, leaflets that the product is put into production.

3D photo realistic renderings of interiors:

The photo realistic rendering of interiors is the most appropriate instrument for designing and implementing the design of an Interior before it is realized. Thanks to the photo realistic rendering you can fix and repair any imperfections or adjustments you want to make to the design-time experience. The photo realistic Interior 3d becomes a valuable and irreplaceable instrument in the hand of the designer, helping in all phases of architectural design through to the final.


Photo realistic 3D rendering of external:

As for the Interior rendering even the photo realistic exterior is an indispensable tool for architects, engineers or designers, who want to see photographically their architectural study before it is realized.

3d medical animations and simulations:

3d Animation can be a valuable tool when you want to accomplish and descriptive video walk through of technical processes in medicine. We can carefully describe the operation of a medical device or proceeding of a complex surgical procedure. The fields of application can be that of the vascular medicine, surgical, dentist or dental technology in Otology, etc. The video can be used during Hall, to promote a room or a medical device or has only one for demonstration purposes or advertising.


We produce video medical 3D animations, illustrations or multimedia products for medicine and industry.

We enclose below a demonstration of a video to explain the process of installing a system connection modular, in the realization of a denture, using an innovative system. Video simulation in 3d “All on four” concerns the immediate loading implants.


3D Services Rendering:

3D Rendering?

With the word rendering refers to a process that makes the computer a still image or movie videos. In the case of 3D, we start from a work created by a 3D software: it starts from the modeling of an object that may be a product to be marketed, the Interior of an industrial furniture, or prototype. Having modeled the object you create a real photo shoot, apply the lights of the scene and the material of the object. The final step in this process is to process ends with the realization of the final rendering of the image or video clip that has come true. A rendering is nothing but a photo realistic image of an object based on an elaboration to the computer created with 3D software. Our work consists in the creation of photo realistic 3d renderings; we can create any object from a sketch from a photo taken by the customer or by a simple explanation to create a photographic representation of your project.


Modeling and animating 3d characters:

Modeling of 3d characters is definitely one of the areas closest to the art of sculpture and art in General, not surprisingly often to define those working in 3d is also called 3d artist. The modeling of characters and their subsequent animation starts from the creation of a fictional character; you switch to the detailed drawing, and then begin modeling. We make the textures, i.e. apply the various materials of the character: clothes, opaque and reflective materials, eye color, skin etc. Defined the character you create a structure of bones (rigging), at that point our character is ready to be animated and, to come alive in the scene, his character and his personality through the use of animation and the voice of a speaker or actor. The character made it ready to become the face of an advertising product or be part of a video in 3D animation for cinema or TV.


Our staff is able to treat all the steps necessary for the creation of 3d modeling and animation of a character invented. We can treat the design and the design of the model, the voice acting through the use of actors; the animation of the movements of the hike or poses and movements. Thus, the character created, can be inserted in your commercials, in your corporate video or be adapted to all your needs.

Our 3D Services experience:

3d animations are definitely the best tool to create compelling and engaging commercials; we can create and animate your graphic design that can be: an architectural rendering, a pack of a product, a logo in 3d or the explosion technique in a project. Thanks to our experience we are able to produce movies and animations in 3d with a strong impact visibility, able to engage and attract the attention of your customers.

We create models for 3D printing, virtual restorations, static rendering, and textured templates to fit into web, app or video websites. We make 3D models of works of art, statues, archaeological finds, architectural elements and artistic goods in general.

Starting from photographs we make 3D models of stolen or lost works; we make digital restorations to digitally view the original appearance of a damaged work; we realize the 3D transposition of paintings, drawings, cartographic and dimensional works in general. In the architectural field we make 3D reconstructions of buildings and individual elements starting from graphic documentation (plants, prospectuses, sections) or 3D surveys to obtain 3D digital models that can be used in many ways.

To produce plastics in 3D printing; To create static rendering for inclusion in web sites or paper publications; For information purposes in web sites, applications for smartphones, video and other multimedia products.

We create new forms of knowledge, dissemination and accessibility of our cultural heritage through new technologies. Our goal is to expand the audience of our museums through modern and innovative technology solutions. Our solutions improve the enjoyment of museum collections and allow everyone free and full access to cultural heritage by overcoming geographic, physical and cultural barriers.