3D Animation Service

3D Animation Service

We are experts in 3D. Based on our artistic and technical training, and our more than 10 years of experience in the field of digital image, always looking for ways to develop quality audiovisual content. The 2D and 3D animation is one of our passions. We design characters for all kinds of productions. We take care of design and art direction of each project. We manage the entire creative process with the aim of making original, attractive and compelling without losing sight of the tactical goals of the project.

We have a 3D scanner that lets you create 3D models in hyper-realistic three-dimensional: people, objects or parts of objects. We take all animation and design resources to develop very elegant pieces that faithfully collect the essence of each project. We have a proper motion capture system that allows us to digitize movements in real time to integrate them into characters or objects. We provide all kind of VFX for TV productions, film and other platforms. We create complete digital environments; integrate 3d elements, matte painting, and advice on the running-in phase to optimize resources. We work with large resolutions, 2k, 4k and 8k for all types of formats, 180, 360.


NBY IT Solution created animations for many and various applications, such as:


NBY IT Solution you will find all kinds of solutions to your needs in 3D animation. We apply the latest technologies to develop animations of high impact, realistic, and your perspective.


NBY IT Solution, are expert developers, experiences and virtual spaces which your customers may navigate through 3D vision glasses as for example the famous Google CardBoard, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR or Microsoft Hololens, among others.


Our animation studio, we develop audiovisual production using the most appropriate technology in each case. In this case we present the 2D animation.

Video 3D animations

Often in commercials, you must enter the 3D animations that enhance the quality of the product so that the product with better quality images.

The 3D animation in advertising

You choose to create a product in 3d for a variety of reasons, the most important ones are: the ability to have camera movements absolutely unthinkable with normal darts, or, to make the product better illustrative and photographic rendition. Let’s see what are the cases where it is necessary to manufacture the product in 3d to get an image more effective from the point of view of advertising.

Promotion of toothpaste or tooth brush: for example, when you must animate animated 360° product or make special enlargements.

Food: groceries are the most complex to be realized in 3d Animation, because you have to be very careful in their photographic and respecting the product appearance appetizing (literally, its ability to be appetizing).

Mechanical objects: their realization in 3d is often to visually explain their inner workings.

Cars: the publicity of most cars we see on TV are not true, but what you see is nothing but a model made to your computer. One of the main reasons for this choice is because the 3d allows movement freer and dynamic than traditional shots.

After 10 years of activity, NBY IT Solution has developed the ability to transmit, promote and complement from advertising campaigns of communication agencies and advertising experts, thus developing a mutual understanding and perfect complementary of 3D animated advertising services.


NBY IT Solution done videos for recreation and simulation of affects how a chemical in the human body, how it works a drug in the body, and to introduce a new product or service. We also apply these technologies for recreation and 3D simulation for special effects in documentaries, music videos, and other audiovisual productions that require it.


Our career as a 3D animation studio has led in part to the development of 3D modeling and animation for industrial applications such as machine design, recreation of manufacturing processes, realization of prototypes, and simulation of driving and handling of tools and heavy goods vehicles.


NBY IT Solution we have the expertise to meet these minimum requirements and many others, to make audiovisual productions aimed at kids of the House, a total success.


NBY IT Solution team is able to develop large audiovisual projects, such as 2D and 3D animated series. We have experience, team and technological equipment to meet the needs generated by a production of this kind.


NBY IT Solution team has already made several projects with pyramidal and holographic wide-format technologies, so we have the experience and the technology you need to make your project as successful as that deserves to be.


Augmented reality is to virtualize a real space viewing from a Smartphone or Tablet device’s camera, and get overlay information digitally generated (2D or 3D). In this way, we develop the real world around the user in digital and interactive.


The Department’s research, development and innovation (R&D) of NBY IT Solution has developed the ability to produce their own tools for 3D support for the realization of their projects. With this innovative service, NBY IT Solution manages to streamline processes and stages 3D without loss of quality, while trained to develop projects of high technical requirement.


Thanks to our extensive experience in 3D modeling, NBY IT Solution is trained to perform all sorts of models and designs and adapt them to the correct 3D printing, is non-functional, as in functional mode mode.


NBY IT Solution, due to its specialization in 3D animation and the audiovisual sector, is a perfect complement for the development of applications and games for mobile devices and computers.


All / as we know the importance of caring for our corporate image and know to transmit our values with our logo.


NBY IT Solution made videos for the presentation of products or services from an idea, a drawing, a sketch, or a prototype already created physically.

3d video animation for Medical Simulations:

The other area where video production with 3D content is definitely useful and indispensable, concerns medical simulations. The use of 3D animation allows you to explain clearly how it works such as surgery, or dental alignment mechanism through a specific patent, like in the video that we created for the Clever System “Orthodontics”, where he explains how the new Clever is faster and more efficient than the traditional method. Through video animation 3D we could clearly illustrate how the mechanism.

Always within healthcare and specifically in dentistry we made a video where he explains how a new implant system patented by Medical authority. The video shows the entire surgical process that starts from the preliminary step to Blake view and measurement on the customer up to the various phases of surgery where the system is installed and the denture.

NBY IT Solution is now one of the best 3D Modeling, Blender Animation & 3D Rendering Designer company in Bangladesh. We are offering best and high quality 3d animation service for real estate developers, architects, interior designers, 3d vehicle models and engineers.

NBY IT Solution has buildup of complete expertise in Architectural Visualization, Graphic Design and Rendering services. We are just delivering high quality 3D animation service and 3d car modelling with render firm. We are creating value for our clients by our dedicated team effort, our expertise and resources. We are always ready for listening to our client’s quotes and further discussion about small or big visualization (3D modeling and animation) needs.

We have enough resources to complete any project on-time. Other benefits to work with us:

  • Attention to any detail to any 3D animation project
  • Fast turnaround of any 3D modeling and animation project
  • Tailored services according to clients demand
  • Competitive pricing
  • Quick responses to project queries
  • Constant quality control
  • Consistent communication stream with clients
  • We are very good at English and can communicate well
  • Large infrastructural support for uninterrupted power supply, data backup, data security, ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously
As an outsource partner we have worked together with many well known brand clients from European countries, United State of America, Canada, Japan, South Korea Republic, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, South Africa and many more countries of the world. We have so comfortable payment method for our outsource partner to make a transparent and sincere relation with our valuable clients. Also we provides free trials of our services and you can get it now very easily by the fill-up our free trial form.

NBY IT Solution Payment Method

NBY IT Solution Payment System maintains simple options for the client to pay for the services. There is no need to set up an account or any type of advance payment options to obtain the services from NBY IT Solution. The client simply fills out a form providing the contact name, company information with full address and contact number. After a batch of work is done, an invoice is sent to the client. The client will have the option to pay by credit card or bank account.

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