NBY IT Limited, located in the middle of the capital city Dhaka, Bangladesh providing 3D Modeling and Animation services to its national and international clients. Today’s world advertising industry is fully depends on 3D modeling and animation. From Chocolate product development to movie industry’s super fighting scene, 3D modeling and animation is using everywhere.
With some experienced and enthusiastic 3d modeling and animation experts, render house set up with new technologies we are providing high end 3d modeling and animation services to our valued client. Our price has been always affordable and we assure highest industry standard quality.
Currently we are providing following 3D Modeling and Animation services to the clienteles. Those are:

3D Car Modeling Services

Furniture Modeling Services

3D Product Modeling

3D Game Modeling

Architectural 3D Modeling

3D Interior Modeling

3D Industrial Modeling

3D Mechanical Modeling

At NBY IT Limited, we complete the 3d projects such way that it seems so live and complete. Believe us we are perfectionist. We never give up and always tweaking for the modification until it appears completed.
We are truly unique and apart from the competitors from the aspect of 3D Model design and animation. We are specialized a range of style and design. We NBY IT Limited are able to adjust and accurately create any style of film that best fits the project and the desires of the client.
Our 3D modeling and animation displays unconventional level of difficulty and artistry, we also specialize in delivering our projects on budget and on time. View our 3D Animation Portfolio or Contact us for more information or for a free consultation & cost estimation.