Motion Graphic Animation

Motion Graphics Animation

What is Motion Graphics?

To complete a video it is not always necessary to create shooting environments or people, it is possible to make a video using motion graphics; this type of video is called Motion Graphic or motion graphics. This genre is becoming more for its ease of use and for its communicative effectiveness.

Advantages of a video in Motion Graphic:

Attract public attention

One of the main advantages for the making of the video in motion graphic in my opinion is its ability to attract immediate attention of the relevant client. In fact, using simple objects as characters cartoons, animated vignettes and graphics that reflect the customer’s corporate style, it makes the video more immersive and greatly increase the ability of the video to be clicked and be seen.

Quickly explain complex concepts

The other advantage is certainly the ability of video to express complex concepts in a short time that would require hours to be explained, that way you don’t get bored our visitors and increase their interest in visiting the site. Let us remember that those who visit our site often has little time to spend; explain in brief with clear concepts and so cute, what we do and what are the services of our company or our product is definitely an important advantage that should not be underestimated.

How to make a good video in Motion Graphic.

The strengths in the production of a video with only graphics are:

Quick Production

The speed of processing: as there is no video footage, the video more complex, can be created and delivered to the customer within a week.


the graphic examples contained in the videos can explain so direct and fast complex meanings and laborious, as the philosophy linked to a product because a particular product is better than the competition, how does navigation work in a given web site, can be explained clearly with the Visual examples, understandable to everyone, the potential and the benefits of my product or my services.


The quality of our videos must reflect some fundamentals like: have a fancy graphics but with well-balanced colors in order to give a professional look to your video. Let us remember that, the video always represents the professionalism of the company telling, and then a well-made video increases customer confidence with regard to our company.

What are the steps for making the video?

In the production of a video in Motion Graphic our firm is able to treat all phases of the work.

-the first step is to create a dynamic and captivating short text.

-You switch to the selection and implementation of the narrator with the use of speakers and professional actors in a position to engage the public.

-create animations that should both engage the public but not to depart from the main objective of the video, disclose a service or product reviews.

-Finally we deliver the videos to formats more suited to spreading on the web, social networks, but also for trade shows or movies.

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