Newspaper CMS Software Service

Newspaper CMS Software Service

NBY IT Solution is a leading newspaper CMS software development company located in Bangladesh. We are offering high end newspaper CMS software but an affordable price. We have a team of software developers who are very experienced in newspaper CMS software development.

We are a newspaper and magazine CMS (content management system) developer for publishing news-based websites worldwide. Our clients include in Russia, USA, UK, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark etc.

If you’ve ever wanted to publish your own online newspaper or magazine website but didn’t know how, then we are here for you. You can have your own news website up and running in a matter of minutes with our developed newspaper cms website.

NBY IT Solution’s newspaper CMS software features a lightweight web-based newspaper cms which makes it a breeze to manage and edit your stories. It is really easy to use.

Want that newspaper look and feel? No problem. Our custom built newspaper CMS software features a unique layout manager that implements a 48 column version of the 960 Grid System which is also adjustable. You can choose your own 1, 2, 3 and even 4 column layouts!

NBY IT Solution Payment Method

NBY IT Solution Payment System maintains simple options for the client to pay for the services. There is no need to set up an account or any type of advance payment options to obtain the services from NBY IT Solution. The client simply fills out a form providing the contact name, company information with full address and contact number. After a batch of work is done, an invoice is sent to the client. The client will have the option to pay by credit card or bank account.

So, if you want to publish your own newspaper site, please just contact with us now and we will be so happy if you start a discussing about your requirements with us..