Professional photography Services in Bangladesh

NBY IT photography services in Bangladesh Photo Studio are located in Bangladesh, specializing in: Interior Photography, Industrial Photography, Food Photography, Advertising Photography and Architectural Photography. BABUL HOSSAIN, Professional Photographer and founder of NBY IT Photography Services in Bangladesh, has developed varied photographic productions. From corporate buildings, mansions, hotels, restaurants, food packaging, industrial processes, jewelry, portraits or aircraft, among others. And in all of them prints its style: bright and suggestive images that sell.

The services offered NBY IT Photography Services in Bangladesh include both productions in Bangladesh or abroad, as in our photo studios in Bangladesh, and always include post production (professional photo retouching). NBY IT photography services in Bangladesh belongs to the Association of Professional Photographers of Bangladesh. Our Photography Service Includes:

Interior photography services in Bangladesh:

Professional Interior Photography is one of the main photographic specialties NBY IT photography services in Bangladesh and one of the most demanded by our customers. As photographer Interior we have made productions of many types of spaces. To view the best photographs, we divided into the following groups:

1 Photography Interior Houses: We have made dozens of photographic productions for major real estate, construction and promoters of our country.
2 Photography Interior Office: productions made are both companies own buildings, such as the corporate headquarters of multinational companies, among others.
3 Photography Interior Hotels: for years made the photos to known hotel chains.
4 Photography Interior Restaurant: among our customers from upscale restaurants, fast food restaurants and chain restaurants.
5 Photography Shops Interiors: have developed many productions for both shop owners and suppliers of equipment.


Industrial photography services in Bangladesh:

With the Industrial Photography our goal is to communicate how a certain structure, space or industrial process visually appealing way. This is a small sample of our work as Photographer Industrial. If you are interested to know more about how we work can read the page Services Industrial Photography, We have worked with companies in sectors as diverse as the Solar Photo voltaic, Solar Thermal, Steel, Cement, Automated Storage Facilities, Automated Doors, agricultural equipment, Desalination Plants and so on.

In our production, we care much the frames, a key element in the Industrial Photography commonly found in environments usually little photogenic. Our job is to find the frame that once lit properly and treated appropriately in post production, reflects the essence of what the company wants to communicate, such as added value, technology or with respect to the environment, through suggestive images and attractive.


Advertising photography services in Bangladesh:

Our experience in Professional Photography Advertising creates visually appealing images that capture the attention and interest and, above all, they sell.

As photographer advertising, we are continually faced with new challenges due to the wide variety of photographic productions for which we are engaged. Our natural work environment, however it is in photographing objects size small or medium, as can be seen in this small sample of our work. However, we have also photographed, for example, large agricultural machinery, both in studio and on location, and trucks and motorcycles.

As explained on page Services Advertising Photography, the dividing line between advertising photography and the product is not easy to define and sometimes both fields overlap. In short, advertising photography often involves a photographic composition with more objects (a still life) and also a much more elaborate and specialized postproduction. This makes the associated costs are much higher than in product photography.


Food photography services in Bangladesh:

NBY IT photography services in Bangladesh perform pictures of Food for ads, restaurant menus, packaging and cookbooks. Quality photographs, they get their goal: to be appetizing.

As photographer Food (or Food) our goal when we started a new job is always very clear: to create images that when viewed encourage the viewer to want to eat the products portrayed. So we talk about a delicious target on page Services Photography Food That is precisely what we seek. And under the satisfaction of our customers, it seems that we got it.

Depending on the type of photographic production, we often work with stylist (home economist or food stylist) and sometimes work directly with a chef (usually for restaurants or chain restaurants) cooking, prepare and decorate the dishes.

In both cases, we can work or at the customer premises (riding a small temporary study) or in our study, depending on the type of production and what is most convenient for our client. This small sample of pictures of food reflects the diversity of work done from a simple plate with white background, complex atmospheres that require several hours to prepare. Do you look appetizing food portrayed? If the answer is yes, we have achieved the goal!


Architectural photography services in Bangladesh:

It is little known by people in general, but one of the most important tools for a photographer Architecture is a special type of target and little known: are called goals perspective control, You can read an article we wrote on our blog explaining its operation and uses: Architectural Photography: Special Objectives.

These goals help prevent one of the most common problems a face photographer Architecture to the converging vertical lines that occur when the camera is not parallel to the floor (for example, to raise the camera to fit in the frame a tall building). All this is explained in detail on page Services Architectural Photography.

The work done as seen in the examples on this page, are varied: office buildings, hospitals, residential buildings, shopping malls, family homes and unique buildings, among others. The key in this type of work is to portray the architectural structure with light more suitable natural; this means planning carefully what part of the structure receives sunlight at what times of day. The ideal is to have a full day to photograph the different lights that occur throughout the day, from the morning light to evening light. Unfortunately, for budgetary reasons, it is not always possible to work well; in which case you must choose which light is most important, if the morning, noon or evening.


Product photography services in Bangladesh:

NBY IT PHOTOGRAPHY SERVICES IN BANGLADESH has a photographic studio in Bangladesh where we do Advertising Photography of a wide variety of products. Our work Architectural Photography conveys the essence of the photographed frame structure thanks to a careful and professional postproduction.

As Product photographers have worked with a wide variety of materials (metal and plastic shiny or matte, glass, leather or textiles, to name a few) as you can see in this small sample of photographs. Each requires a very different kind of lighting and our job is to enlighten creatively and find perspective and framing to achieve transmit the value of that product that the company wants to communicate to the consumer.

As with people (and with the spaces too!) Are no products photogenic and others are not. The latter are those that require more work and creative effort to find the right way to portray to achieve the objective final product photography: transmitting an added value that encourages consumers to buy.

On page Services Product Photography explains in more detail the work we do and how we do it, You can check the work and necessary experience behind each of these photographs, and passion for detail and a job well done. NBY IT Solution provides extremely professional digital product photography services for your business in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We make sure that our supplied images are always meet your prerequisite, No matter where you want to use it either for website or ecommerce site use or higher resolution photos for print use, for any brochures or promotional material. The photos will come with all our proficiency with high quality reproduction facilities.

Art and Pictures photography services in Bangladesh:

NBY IT PHOTOGRAPHY SERVICES IN BANGLADESH has developed works for Museums and Painters, where we have photographed from paintings by El Greco to XVI century carvings.

The main objective of the photographer Art (usually pictures) is reproduced faithfully the colors and textures of the work. Therefore, the frame in this case is not important, as there is only one: of facing the frame, with the camera parallel to it. The challenge for the photographer is to remove all shine (especially for oil paintings or pictures with a layer of protective varnish). This is achieved with proper polarization of the flashes and camera and the positioning correct them (in terms of distance and angle to the table). The third factor is to achieve uniform illumination of the picture.

You can read in more detail how we work on the page Services Photography Art, Finally mention that we have worked so hard for Museums, Foundations, Art Galleries and Painters. Sometimes the sessions are done in our photo studio and other facilities in the client (for practical or safety reasons).

Portrait photography services in Bangladesh:

Complementing the Advertising Photography, we also offer a professional service Portrait Photography. As a portrait photographer, the works we do are usually portrait corporate, ie managers and company staff. In addition, these works are often accompanied by Photography Interior Offices Customer and external (i.e., of Architecture). The aim is to portray the person in a work context (an office, a meeting room, etc.)

Photo sessions can also be added to our photographic studio, In this case, no context (the background is usually white or black) and the portrayed person acquires the leading role in photography. This is usually the case of photographs for corporate section of the website of a company, although we have done work for many other media (eg. writers, painters, musicians and other professionals who want to put a professional portrait in social networks, other profiles online or in catalogs and books on his works).

Regarding the case of professionals who demand professional portraits, we have much more demand for foreign people, since in many European countries is given great importance in the professional world to have good professional portraits, which in Bangladesh gradually becoming aware and is increasing growing demand by Spanish professionals.

 Weeding photography services in Bangladesh:

NBY IT photography services in Bangladesh love to portray people and keep memories, photos’ been doing so since … always!. We started working several years ago journals in fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Making brides publishers was as we realized that we would love to capture wedding photography.

Our style is a mix of journalistic and editorial fashion photography. Our experience in press helped us to get that journalistic touch, capturing fleeting moments and memories of the wedding. And given that editorial fashion, modern and elegant to the point pose with husband. NBY IT photography services in Bangladesh work mainly in Bangladesh, Whether a simple ceremony in the field or your city’s cathedral, we’d love to be part of your day.


Photography of wedding, extra sessions, video, photo call, web, albums & copies

WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY: The story of your wedding day from the preparations to the first dance.

SESSION POST: If your wedding day we don’t have time to go to your place preferred to make photos, always can go another day.

PRE-WEDDING SESSION: Spend a fun time practicing before the House before the wedding.

PHOTOCALL: The photo call is a fun way to encourage the open bar and save memories with your guests.

ALBUMS: Album with high quality photographic paper. Modern and elegant design.

EXTRAS: Signature book, rental of Polaroid, boudoir or glamour study session…

OUR PACKS: Included in all packages: Pen drive USB with high quality and Gallery pictures online.








Call us at 008801715749788 or write to and requests budget personalized with products and services that interest you.



Professional Photography: an investment not an expense

The Professional Photography is an investment for the company, not an expense, Proof of this are the large budgets that many companies spend to produce quality photographs of your products or services. And they do it because it is a profitable investment, more and more companies have discovered that some good photographs help them sell more and differentiate themselves from their competition.

Corporate photography services in Bangladesh: Your Corporate Identity such as  business meeting, work team and staff, administration boards, annual report, business portfolio of the people, contract signing and associates with your company.

Event photography services in Bangladesh:  Any Corporate or personal events such as product launching, national conferences & conventions, new service launching, concerts, shows, documentary videography or photography of exhibitions. Personal event photography like festivals, weddings, graduations, anniversaries, competitions, demonstrations, corporate tournaments and so on.

Beauty and fashion photography:  The Beauty & Fashion Photography is all about transforming ideas into beautiful photographs, we would love to hear your ideas of any fashion and beauty photography and make your ideas in to a reality that suits you best.

NBY IT photography service in Bangladesh Photographs Selling

In NBY IT photography service in Bangladesh our main goal is to deliver images that sell, To do this we rely on three principles fundamental: A creative and original approach, framing and lighting Professional and attractive and suggestive post production.

Reasonable prices:

And all this at a reasonable price, available to any company. The cost of photographic production quality is no longer an obstacle. This is the concept of success NBY IT PHOTOGRAPHY SERVICES IN BANGLADESH: Photos Professionals who sell at an affordable price. The price & quality ratio is excellent.

Guarantee Success:

There are two ways to evaluate our work: See our pictures, and read what our customers think of our work. It is the best guarantee.

Video Producer:

Because in addition to photography, as an additional service we also carry out production of corporate videos so that our customers do not have to hire different companies, with the consequent advantage in managing both productions.

Professional Photography at the best price:

NBY IT photography services in Bangladesh offer a service fully professional photography at the lowest price. We love our job and we think the only way is to do well, out of respect for our clients and our work. If you want a professional, serious photographer, who will deliver the best results without wasting time and also at a low price. You’ve already found. Art photography and portrait. Books and personal promotion. social photography, family, children and babies. Advertising, editorial and fashion. Environment, nature, outdoors and architecture. panoramic photography. photo retouching and postproduction. Professional Web Design / Photography online. You can call or write Solve your doubts or ask me for a quote. phone 008801715749788. Mail:

NBY IT photography services in Bangladesh do photography work you need?
NBY IT photography services in Bangladesh can offer you professional results in technical or artistic works of photography adapted exactly what you’re looking for. If you want your own photo book to preserve or for personal promotion, we can prepare a job as smoothly.

NBY IT photography services in Bangladesh love social photography and capture people with our camera, Need a story with your family or friends? Photographs for advertising your products, publishing and fashion illustration. Or maybe there is a place you would like to preserve the best picture or frame, pictures of your home or make a report of your business facilities. Panorama shooting is the result of combining multiple photos to get one, creating beautiful to frame and decorate images. we can do this job for you and give you the best results. In addition service we offer you a high quality photo retouching and image postproduction.

Our Photographer:

My name is IMRAN and I love photography. It is the first thing I want you to know. I have many years with a camera in my hands, not only professional camera as I also enjoy taking pictures with my phone. For me photography is not just a job, it is also a way to express myself and enjoy. From a very young my favorite hobbies have been directly related to the graphic expression. So I ended up being a cartoonist, creator of audiovisual, graphic designer or photographer.

This is my passion, I enjoy my job and that’s good for my clients, no doubt. Hiring someone to do the pictures you need, we know that is not so simple. Sometimes the problem is the price of the service, others, quality or results do not quite convince. All professional photographers should be able to know your customer and know exactly what you want to achieve, but this does not work always. The client needs two things: good results and a good price. Another problem arises when you already have the photos, but you need a graphic designer to work on them and provide additional creativity you need. Get it all in one package translates into high quality integration, better results and above all, saving time and money.

My proposal is a professional photography service, great prices, and if you need it, a professional graphic design, ready to do the job you apply for. Photography service specializing girded the goal is to provide professional results you need each customer and respecting the actual prices and improving them. Not only photographs are delivered, if needed, there is a graphic design service and technical postproduction and fully professional artistic photographs to add to a full finish. Even the smallest details are reviewed at each job.

NBY IT photography services in Bangladesh Solution provide, Studio Photography, Portraiture, Glamour, Fine Art, Wedding and Event photography. Studio workshops and Group Shoots Photography studio offering portraits, pet photography, glamour and boudoir photography, passport photos, studio hire, wedding photography. Keywords: studio photography, studio photographer, glamour photographer any many more photography services. NBY IT photography services in Bangladesh Skill in Photography


Photograph is the most effective way of express any idea. A good photograph can tell a lot of story in a single shot. Now a days each & every website need beautiful, classy and relevant photograph for the excellence of their web presence. NBY IT Solution has the perfect reputation to produce you the exact photography and video graphy service in Bangladesh. We are the renowned for Photography, video graphy, digital photography, wedding photography, event photography, corporate photography, birthday photography, advertising photography, fashion photography, modeling photography and product photography in Dhaka Bangladesh.

Photography and video graphy services. Digital photography, weeding photography, event photography, corporate photography, birthday photography, advertising photography, fashion photography, modeling photography. We are highly specialize in both indoor and outdoor photography and bring out the best in your models. Our excellent team of photographers, models, and costume designers make the whole process very easy and fun to execute. We have fully equipped studio for indoor shoots and comes with the luxury of lights & creativity.

Why NBYIT Solution for Photography?

As world leading outsourcing photography company NBYIT has full pleasant in house setup for all types of photography service. NBYIT is the best photography service provider in the word. We have been serving our customer form 2007.

There are various reasons why you select NBYIT as your next photography editor. Fast Editing Service. Super Delivery Time. Economic price range. 24/7 Customer support. Best Color Correction. Best effect creation. Best clipping path service. NBYIT solution is Bangladesh based world best photography outsourcing company has professional photography experience from many years. our expertise photographer are experienced in Landscape photography, Night Photography, fashion photography, Beauty Photography, nature photography, Wildlife photography, black and white photography, weeding photography, HDR Photography, Travel photography, time lapse photography, Macro Photography, underwater photography, Hi speed photography, panoramic photography, Motion photography, infrared photography, New Born Photography, past and photography, sunrise photography, Rain Photography, colorful photography, storm photography, Rainbow photography and so many other photography service we provide.

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