3d Animation for Industrial Videos

3d Animation for Industrial Videos. We carry out both Animations and Industrial Applications that are at the forefront of ICT in the use of 3D simulation technology, integrating any type of 3D visualization system in your industrial business model. We can produce from Industrial Videos that show a certain production process, to generate specific Simulation Software that allows you to increase your productivity and support your Commercial department in the diffusion of your service / product.

3D Industry and Industrial Applications – Digitization of Products and sale on Line.

Our technology allows you to join the 3D Visualization with your catalog of products on-line or E-commerce by creating databases that work in real time and in a bidirectional way with your team. In short, we create tools with high added value that will serve to communicate and improve processes; which will support the work of your Production and Marketing team.


We use High Productivity Emerging Technologies

We use productivity-enhancing technologies such as the Short Range Scale for parts reproduction, 3D printing for prototyping or vision using stereoscopic glasses to see the end result. Our applications will allow you to capture, Develop and interact with new products and in real time from any platform: Web, Tablet or mobile device.

3d Animation for Industrial Videos

Creation of Simulators for Training and Instruction

We create Custom Simulators that use immersive 3D Visualization to increase productivity in sectors related to Training, Safety or Labor Risks.

We integrate 3D game mechanics in environments and non-play applications, in order to boost motivation, concentration, effort, loyalty and other positive values. It is a powerful new strategy to influence and motivate groups of users and people. In this sense, we can implement scoring systems, levels, and skill challenges in our simulators. The rapid growth of video games in recent years has awakened the interest of companies and experts in security, education and productivity by deciphering the keys that make video games so effective for improving productivity.

The Industry and the 3D Scan of Short Scope

NBY IT Solution offers short-range laser scanning of all types of industrial and engineering parts as support for obtaining spatial information and speeding up productivity and lead times. The 3D scanning is especially suitable for the perfect reproduction of existing pieces, of which technical documentation is lacking such as CAD drawings. The use of a 3D scanner is ideal for reproduction of uneven, organic surfaces, Or with a high degree of decorative detail that would make its manual reproduction unproductive.

After the capture of the product, and the edition of the Cloud of Points we can modify the file, perform a Retopology and change any aspect of it, even creating applications that introduce real-time manipulation: change of colors, textures, or finishes.

Industry and 3D printing

We also offer 3D scanning and reverse engineering services as well as 3D printing in different product finishes so that the client or the end user can examine and validate a prototype from a functional point of view and from any angle before starting the phase of production. And editing the Point Cloud, we can modify the file, perform a Retopology and change any aspect of it, even creating applications that introduce real-time manipulation: change of colors, textures, or finishes. Industry and 3D printing.

3D Product Design – 3D Packaging

Work done to present a new packaging

NBY IT Solution is a 3D editing and video production company. Video editing is a process in which an editor makes an audiovisual or visual work from the media that a client provides: Whether they are video files, photographs, graphics, or animations.


The basic edition consists of reproducing the media, “trimming” them and ordering them in real time. Although it happens, as in any other editing style, you can add effects, transitions, filters or texts to improve or emphasize the video to be created, it all depends on what you want to do.

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3D Product Design – 3D Integration

3D furniture design