3D Content Developer for VR(Virtual Reality):

NBY 3D Content Developer for VR (Virtual Reality) is the Developer of interactive 3D-content – we work for professional dreamers and our imagination is not limited to the real world. We provide in fact own three-dimensional virtual reality and the day-to- day design future. 3D-content is applicable in a number of areas: education computer games marketing and others.

Interactive three-dimensional Virtual reality:

Interactive three-dimensional reality greatly simplifies the process of perception of the information in the curriculum and allows us to understand and assimilate the complex material in a shorter time. The technology can also be used in marketing and advertising when it is necessary to how the principle of action of a particular product.

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3D Virtual Reality in Technology:

In some companies it is used to play certain situations for example accidents during the briefing on safety. Virtual reality can reduce training costs and the deployment of personnel improve the reliability of the designed facilities to minimize errors and to eliminate them quickly save on transportation of large layouts.


3D VR (Virtual Reality) Content for Education:

These days there is much talk among the experts that the use of virtual reality in the classroom can be truly effective in order to improve student learning or if only allows emotionally engaging and rewarding experiences for pupils but very little meaning in their growth process.

As far as we are concerned we think that as always are we teachers to ensure that an instrument or an experience can have a real significance bringing them back into the design of a path that includes the use of that resource as useful or critical to achieve their goals. For this for example to use the cardboard to the children trying various apps available will entertain the kids a lot but it will be totally lost time.

Insert hand in the design of various routes as a creative resource NBY 3D Content Developer for VR (Virtual Reality)  can represent a real opportunity to engage children and customize the learning materials in a manner not only innovative but extremely effective.

NBY 3D Content Developer for VR (Virtual Reality) is basically a platform that allows students to create explore and share the virtual reality spaces and teachers to build virtual learning environments planning lessons for all disciplines. It can be used for storytelling for info graphics build immersive 3D models of objects virtual exhibitions and presentations for the class.

The platform supports loading and its images and offers a decent selection of wallpapers and specifications are available free apps for iOS and Android devices. NBY 3D Content Developer for VR (Virtual Reality) is planning to add animated experiences and interactive programming them with Scratch which will allow students and teachers to create virtual reality games from scratch.


In NBY 3D Content Developer for VR (Virtual Reality) we develop environments in virtual reality for both the business and consumer world. Panoramas virtual tours entertainment experiences in virtual reality VR (Virtual Reality) commerce training and distance learning … There are limits to what we can create 3D combined with this technology.

Recreate your world:

Virtual reality allows you to create 3D incredibly realistic environments and experiences. It can range from creating pure fantasy scenarios until the reconstruction of real environments for simulations and training.


To create and develop environments experiences and training in virtual reality we have decided to focus on HTC LIVES. The display of HTC and Steam offers the best immersive experience available in the market: the degree of involvement and learning reach levels very close to reality in.


Oculus Rift is the viewer who has enjoyed greater success in the media the company that developed the viewer was acquired by Facebook for $ 2 billion. NBY 3D Content Developer for VR (Virtual Reality) develops virtual reality environments and experiences for Oculus Rift.


After years of development today we can finally say that the systems of movement and interaction in virtual environments are mature. NBY 3D Content Developer for VR (Virtual Reality) allows you to use the controller HTC VIVE and Oculus Rift to provide an active user experience in your projects.


The technologies for virtual reality in recent years have experienced exponential improvements. Constant investment of the biggest giants of technology will make more and more immersive and engaging virtual reality.


Daydream is the platform on which Google has decided to concentrate all its efforts in the field of VR. An ecosystem compatible with all Android devices and provides content designed specifically for virtual reality.