3d model Development

3d model Development – Develop 3d model from a photograph, drawing or sample  today is quite real and accessible to everyone. If you have drawings for 3d modeling, product sample or photograph an object with three camera angles (front, side and top view) – order the 3d model for you no difficulty!

Creating 3d models and the subsequent production of prototype products have become an integral part of the production process. Today, before you start production, you must create 3d-model and prototype products using rapid prototyping technology. Having the prototype of the future product, you can easily assess its ergonomics.

Prototyping  also allow you to create on its basis a form for casting, which is so necessary for the output test batch and further small-scale production. Boldly to translate their ideas into reality, and advanced technology and specialists NBY IT help you with that!


The concept of 3d model Development

3D-modeling  (three-dimensional simulation) – a special kind of computer graphics, including both hardware tools and software, with which constructed 3d models of various objects.

3D-modeling and visualization allow you to create three-dimensional graphics. Maximize photo realistic objects allows rendering – 3d rendering the process model in the medium by placing it on the desired background.

Three-dimensional modeling and professional 3D designers can help you create an accurate 3D model on a photo or drawing that comply with all technical requirements.

The basis for the creation of 3d model:

– the photo;

– drawing;

– materials obtained by 3D scanning ;

– a picture or a sketch of the object;

– description of the subject orally;

– real object.

3d model Development from images 

Creating 3d models from photos – a photograph. Today there are a huge number of computer programs to create a 3d model from a photograph, but most of these programs do not create a three-dimensional model, but only the pseudo object image.

3D-modeling based on photographs in the following cases:

When not available drawings of the object, or they are lost. If you need to build a 3d-model of man. In cases where it is necessary to achieve a photographic similarity model of the object to its original.

Requirements for the photos used to create the 3d models: size of image to be not less than 4 * 5 cm; requires two kinds of images of the object – face and profile, as well as a top view for inanimate objects; The big advantage is the object in the photo polufas and semi-profile; photos must be clear and have a high resolution.

3d model of the photos from the company NBY IT: It meets all the technical requirements, norms and standards; indistinguishable from the real object provided in the photo; our 3d model of a photograph can be used to create product prototypes.


Drawing  – this is a technical document that carries the information on the structure, the dimensions of the object and the material from which it is made. Drawings for modeling 3d – it is certain patterns required when the customer in front of the task to create a 3d model of the drawings. To accomplish this task it is important to have available three types of objects in the drawing – top view, front view and side view.


Creating 3d models on the model usually used in cases when there is no 3D scanner or not able to provide high-quality photos. Sample – a real object must be small in size and to be mobile, as the engineer will work with him directly – move, rotate, move, or even take it apart into separate components.

Order 3d model you have. Creating 3d models – it is our life! NBY company has gained considerable experience and expertise enables you to create accurate, high-quality 3d model on a photo, drawing or sample in a short time. In addition, we will assist you in creating the product prototype and build small-scale production.

Be bold and be confident in every idea, even if they seem trivial to you – the only way you can succeed! After all, in the words of American inventor and co-founder of Polaroid, Edwin Land: “The invention, which is rapidly gaining popularity are usually based on a trivial alteration of existing things.”