3d visualization and rendering services

3d visualization and rendering services- the process of creating accurate and realistic images of objects using a computer program. It allows you to create images of varying complexity (vehicle clock telephone building). The process of 3D-visualization of the subject can be divided into two major components.

Creating a 3D-model – the virtual 3D-model of the future product.

Rendering – the process of creating an image on the 3D-model with the help of computer programs.

The images used in advertising exhibitions presentations design projects industrial production and construction. It is necessary to maximize the positive and successful presentation of the project.


When come into the studio 3D-visualization the customer will be able to see the project which previously existed only in the text description or in the form of drawings. The technology helps to transfer the shape color texture and reflective properties of the object.

Before rendering the project created his model. At its creation you can see the future object from different angles and anywhere. Next the designer selects and configures the surface texture of the object. After setting the correct lighting choose the best camera angles and created the image – most advantageous and attractive.

To create 3d visualization and rendering services 3D-imaging of the subject must have a material with which 3D-model is created. These include:

Verbal or textual description;

Drawings of the future project;

Photos of the object (if it exists);

Drawings sketches;

The object itself (if it exists);

Geometry plans and development (for architectural visualization);

3D-model to be finalized.

For realistic results you need as much information about the imaging subject. Very important technical documentation that identifies the materials from which the object is made its size texture and color.

 Application of 3D-visualization


Advertising posters are often created by constructing a solid model and its visualization. 3d visualization and rendering services is especially true of food and cosmetics. More imaging is used to create a character for advertising. Red and yellow – the result of using this technology.

Project Presentations

Visualization often looks more spectacular than drawing or photograph. Therefore it is more often used for presentations to attract investment in the project or sale yet non-existent objects.

Industrial production

Before creating the device details or the full product (aircraft engine or a car) you need to build a 3d-model of the object. For the presentation of the product created using visualization.

Features and Vray rendering software

Accurate and realistic images obtained from the use of software for rendering. The objective of the program – color and luminance calculation of a point three-dimensional scene. The resulting image is a set of visual features that illustrate the physical properties of the object.

3d visualization and rendering services the most popular program is Vray. It is used more often than all its competitors combined. Alternatives for Vray are Mental ray Final Render.

3D-visualization: what to look for?

Careful preparation. 3d visualization and rendering services Start standing with the search for references of good future project. We need all kinds: from the top front side. This will help to make a realistic 3D-visualization.

3d visualization and rendering services measuring parameters. Unit’s scene set correctly and the model should correspond to the actual dimensions of the object. This simplifies the further work with the light. If the original model will be more realistic size the light will not fall realistically.

Smoothing corners. In the real world objects are not quite sharp edges it is recommended to apply for their mowing. Attention to detail. It is the small details add a realistic picture and complete the image. It will be useful to set aside time in their elaboration. Product image on the white background helps focus attention on its merits. However some things will look better in an environment of other objects or a contrasting background is shaded. For high-quality visualization for the project please contacts NBY 3D Modeling Services. The creative approach of our company will help to realize your dream. Let’s create together!