3D visualization of Interior-designers tool which allows you to create a three-dimensional picture of the design space. Interior visualization helps to achieve full understanding between the designer and the customer and completely avoid any controversy, because the customer can among multiple options for you to choose the one they like best.

For example you can choose everything from the color of the wallpaper and floor to furniture and fixtures. NBY 3D visualization of interior contracting authority visualizes your building before starting work. One can see in three dimensions as will eventually look like his room or the whole house.

So, you can visualize your own house in the future and understand how to make the best use of all the space and designer will help with the choice of style elements and placement.


What is the 3D visualization of Interior?

When referring to the designer, potential customers are unwilling to fully trust in the arrangement of his apartment only their opinion and want to control and regulate all processes. You were previously required to do only drawings and schemes, but now, with modern technology, it was possible to see the design of their flats before its implementation, thanks to the architectural visualization design.

3D visualization of Interior, Visualization of apartments and other facilities helps to achieve maximum effect and avoid misunderstanding, because not everyone can words exactly explain what wants to get. And seeing live offered Designer design space, you can immediately determine the choice.

Besides using Interior visualization, you can see how the room will look like in daylight, with dimmed light and with full light, which helps understand whether a sufficient number of fixtures provided for in the project.

In connection with this 3D visualization of Interior helps the customer to choose faster and consequently faster and get fully ready object.

Architectural visualization of interiors

3D visualization of Interior, rooms

The first impression is always created in appearance, so when planning the design of the apartment is not necessary to forget and about its exterior, which should be combined harmoniously with the interior design of the room.

Architectural visualization of interiors is able to clearly think through all the important issues in the external design: the horticultural landscape, low tide, chimney, etc, as well as demonstrate the external design of buildings using various finishing materials and color palette.

In addition, architectural visualization, covers and landscaping the surrounding territory, allowing maximum efficiently arrange the seating area, flower beds, trees and shrubs, as well as the desire to make your own small garden and vegetable garden. Architectural visualization enhances the imagination and helps avoid rash of errors in the construction of buildings.

The cost of developing the 3D visualization of Interior in apartment

Interior visualization price depends on many factors, such as space, style, complexity model furniture and decorative items, the number of camera angles, variations with different types of lighting.

To perform rendering of Interior level the employer must prepare a technical task. The more detailed it is the more accurately we can convey the customer’s ideas.

Ideally the technical specifications will include:

3D visualization of Interior Planning solution with furniture.

Plan of ceilings and light fixtures, if the ceiling is simple — its text description, such as “white smooth ceiling, light fixture centered.

Plan of floor coverings, or text description, such as “the entire room floor laminate” (and attach a link or image on the laminate).

Sweep the walls if there are complicated decorative elements.

Requires selection of the subjects of filling the Interior and finishing materials-wallpaper, flooring, furniture, lamps, curtains, decor, appliances.

Specify the required angles on the plan.

What is the view outside the window (number of store’s, the countryside or the city).