Create 3d graphics for games

Create 3d graphics for games. That stimulates the user to download or buy a game? Descriptions and reviews only pushing his desires. The visual component – this is what helps to win the hearts of consumers. Posters, advertising boards, trailers and promo video heated interest of the public. After the release appears paraphernalia devoted to the game, the unique statues for hundreds of dollars, clothing and accessories. The success of these companies is largely dependent on the quality of the graphics design. That it spent most of the time.


The price to Create games depends on the:

  • The size of the gaming universe and the number of characters;
  • The project schedule;
  • Type of engine to be used;
  • The number of designers who are working on graphics.

Reasons to Create 3d graphics in the company NBY IT solution

  • Own library of textures and for references;
  • Detailed cost estimates for each phase of the graphics for the game;
  • The opportunity to expand the number of designers who work on the project.
  • The company’s designers create interactive NBY IT SOLUTION CREATE 3D GRAPHICS FOR GAMES game graphics.
  • Make a reservation now at managers.

Create graphics for games: views

Draw a 2D-graphics for games

The graphics in the order does not necessarily have to be three dimensional and super realistic logo. Even playing in three-in-a-row, the user wants to see a high quality and vivid picture. And that player does not get bored, you need to draw graphics for the game so that it is constantly changing from level to level and lured a man to see what will happen next. Well-researched character own history and charisma attracts the users. Bright hero stimulates the interest of the game, causing players have empathy. To create a character, especially in adventure games often use a sketch of the method, because it is easier to grasp the proportions of the human body and kinetics. In addition to interesting main and supporting characters in the game should be exciting levels.

Create graphics background is a very important process, because the design creates an atmosphere for the game. The general color scheme, carefully selected objects on each level will enhance the fun of the game. The illustration at the bottom of selected screenshots of Haunted Hotel: of Silent water. Immediately there is a general mood of the game, which corresponds to the horror genre, the objects designed in gray and black tones, supporting an atmosphere of horror, and bright red accents not give the picture become dull.

Creating a 2D graphics for the game helps to highlight a particular author’s style. Game Banner saga demonstrates how to use the inspiration of legends of the Vikings, you can create exciting worlds. All the mechanics of the game and the menu is also spelled out in the style of miniatures from ancient manuscripts.

Drawing of 3D models allows qualitatively elaborate graphics of the game world. Proportions, kinetics and movement of characters will be as realistic as possible. With due skill texture of clothes on the characters are not distinguished from the real fabric.

Therefore, the designer before the creation of the characters and the background should work seriously with the features of epochs, since attentive players always replace the mistake in plotting. Well-designed universe logic will allow people to immerse themselves in the game. Bio shock Infinite: burial at sea is maintained in an atmosphere of noir films. This can be seen on the external appearance of the characters, the atmosphere of suspense and gloomy narrative tones.

Another instance of a full immersion in the era of development is the game Fallout 4, where the style of the 50’s – the dominant. This is especially noticeable on the selection of music. Draw a background for the game is not an easy task. Mobility and the constant change of scenery will captivate the player even more: light illumination, weather, time of day provides a significant sense of reality.


Preparation of the Time Frame:

It is necessary to clearly define the timeframe of work, as well as prices for the executed volume. At this stage the discussion of key technical characteristics: the genre of the game, the amount of the main characters, the scale of the game world, and more. At the end of the discussion the company signed a contract with the customer.

Development of concepts to create images of the game graphics:

Thought out options for the appearance of the characters, the supporting characters, game objects and landscapes. Created several concepts from which the customer can choose the most successful variants.

Create an animation storyboard:

To draw graphics for the game need to understand the procedures and features of the disclosure storylines. To do this, create a sketch of the key points that will enable the next stages of a quality draw the movement and facial expressions of the characters. Technology Motion Capture allows you to create animations based on movements of real people. Then the proportions and kinetics get the most realistic and dynamic, especially in the scenes of combat.

Finalize game graphics:

Designers detail the objects of the game, add the color gamut and improve texture and lighting. Disparate elements going into a single system.  Added to the game menu and additional screens (stitching, buttons, tools, settings, task lists).

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