Development of enterprise management software for automating business

Development of enterprise management software for automation of business process that is made for a variety of organizations. You need sales growth, revenue and increase business profits. Each organization at some point reaches the upper limit of their capabilities. Increased sales stopped and the amount of income from month to month continues to hold at the same level. Many managers are trying to get revenue growth through the recruitment of new employees. But together with new regular units sometimes only increase costs but earnings growth is not observed. You can try to increase sales by increasing the volume of production. But here too the control now expected pitfalls in the form of additional costs for raw materials and the need to reduce the sale price to realize a greater volume of goods or services. The increase in revenue – a difficult task and our organization offers a solution. To the question “How to increase sales?” We first offer significantly increase the effectiveness of work of those employees who are working in your company!


Do Development of software for automating business?

You can hire in the modern world is not only highly expensive but the average employee for certain tasks. And its effectiveness will also be high if his work is automated! Automation systems are developed for each activity individually. There are separate programs for the automation of trading companies, medical institutions, sports clubs, municipal enterprises, training centers, etc. It is also possible to develop customized programs. To account for the program will be for all the hard workers and routine work. And the time on her it would take ten times less!

You do not have a good program for the administrative account?

Software development: our team will ensure order and establish administrative account for your company!

How  Development of enterprise management software can increase sales?

Increase in revenue, increase sales.  Measures to increase profits, how to increase profits.  Increase sales, how to increase revenue.  The increase in earnings per share .Daily income, improve system. Factory profit growth and ways to increase sales. Automated system of accounting never forgets anything. Software development enterprise software ensures compliance with the huge volume of work many times faster than a human;

  • To search for a specific customer, order, or even the entire order history will go second;
  • Automation will minimize the error on the human factor;
  • Automation program account will head visual reporting of the organization to make more correct decisions;
  • Modern automation unites all employees in a single successful mechanism;
  • Is it easy to increase the profits of your organization?

The increase in sales for the organization with the help of “NBY IT SOFTWARE” program requires a minimum of action. You will need to go through all 4 steps. Each step will surely lead you to your goal. The increase in business profits by using a database program will follow mandatory! You will not be wondering: “How to increase sales?”, whether it is the sale of goods or services. Sales growth will be smooth and consistent.

Enter into a contract for the Development of enterprise management software:

In the first step we will conclude a contract with you. The creation or development of the contractual software ensures the safety of your money. The contract will stipulate that the money for the development of the system. you do not pay an individual that does not bear a special responsibility and the organization which is sure to fulfill all of its obligations under the contract!

Pay in advance:

The second step you make an advance payment for the preferred program for automation of activities. Pre-payment will not be only 100% but only part of the sum. When software development automation will end and the account will be installed, you will pay the remaining amount. Contract and a bill we can form in the currency convenient to you!

You install enterprise management software

In the third step when the development of the database of the program will be carried out, our staff will contact you and agree on the date of installation of the finished data recording program. On the appointed day. We connect to your computer through the Internet and establish a program for management accounting. And immediately a voice trained through the program Skype. We can be in another country and to move the mouse on your computer as if sitting in the same room!

Enjoy the result:

Fourth long-awaited step will come very soon for you! Already some time after the software development (software) for your company automation of technological processes will start to bring a good result. Employees will get rid of heavy and long paperwork and be able to perform a lot more orders! Software development will also provide head of the organization by special management reports to the identified weaknesses of the company and improved them!

Why exactly Development of enterprise management software from us?

We have extensive experience in business management automation

We can lay in a program such opportunities, which you at this time do not even think. But they will help your company grow and develop much faster!

On software development works a whole team of professionals

For the study of business processes, we have the technology. Software development is done by programmers. Adaptation of software products for different countries being translators. For answers to all the questions is a group of technical support.

We use the latest accounting automation technology

We keep up with the times and never offer our clients obsolete business automation. We buy expensive technology in different countries to use our automated accounting systems were you the most easy and pleasant.

Software development pricing is available to everyone!

By purchasing our programs for business and accounting, you will pay only 1 time. We have no subscription fees! We offer the best quality at a reasonable price! Moreover, we have discounts for the regions. This means that the client is from a small town to pay for the program is significantly less than the customer of a large metropolis. We are also mindful of the standard of living of the population, so for different countries – different prices!

As you can see the program for the administrative account at the enterprise?

For many years we have created a number of different programs for automation and control, which will satisfy even the most demanding customers. Integrated automation program can be installed as standard. And also there is the possibility of implementing individual ideas and improvements. The automation software we can add, for example, a new statistical report with which you are accustomed to working on paper. Only now, this report will form our program for automation of the organization for any selected period. A speed automatic analysis of large amounts of data you will be pleasantly surprised!

We can also practice the custom program from scratch! Our software platform will enable it to do in record time. This means that the cost of software developed in the order is not high! All accounting units have implemented the program with the same interface. Each report or some action is invoked in the same way. Therefore, even a novice user can in a short time to understand and easy to work in the program automation of the account of the enterprise! The system of automation of production processes, it is possible to even customize the colors to suit personal preferences, to make the daily work in the program as comfortable as possible! Not enough to develop the software, we strive to provide each customer the best performance!

What are the reviews of automation programs NBY IT SOFTWARE business?

We performed not just software development; we are introducing our software products! This means that the purchased program “NBY IT SOFTWARE” you do not “put on the shelf gathering dust.” Following the development of the software program created by us for the account you will use to successfully increasing the profits of the enterprise! To ensure sales growth is necessary to train the personnel of organization that each employee knew what role he performs. Also, the development of programs we can complement holding initial setup created software. The automation system will be filled by the necessary directories of information about the subdivisions, employees, products, services, prices, etc. After the automation of technological processes, we ask that a review of our products and the work done. With some of our clients you also can read! For us not enough to develop a program for business, we try to get 100% good reviews from satisfied customers!

Do you have questions?

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If you have any questions – you can see the first section of Frequently Asked Questions. If the answer you find – write or call us! Our managers will answer all your questions! You can ask about writing programs for a computer or tablet, our pricing policy and their ability to increase income through automation of labor. And also we will promptly advise on business process automation issues through software development to order. Even if some activity is not present in the list of our projects, we can write a program for you to order from scratch in no time!