Programs for creating of 3D-models:

For anyone who uses 3-d printing, one of the most pressing issues are programs to create models for 3D printing. In this review, we offer a selection of 3D modeling programs that can use and beginners, and industry professionals. It is important to understand that not all programs have a direct relationship with 3D printing, sometimes to create high-quality model, you need to combine a number of packages. Proposed in the review of the program suited to 3D models of different degrees of complexity.

3D modeling functions and features:

Create 3D graphics — 3D models 3D objects and scenes;

Rendering (rendering) is a development of the projection models;

Processing and image correction;

Feed the finished image to the output device: printer or display.

Best programs for “Dummies”: creating of 3D-models

Autodesk 123D Tinkercad is an editor in the browser, which allows you to create simple models, ready to print.

Autodesk 123D Sculpt  is a simple program for sculpting.

Autodesk 123D Catch -application for mobile phones, with which you can make 3D scanning.

Autodesk 123D Design -easy to use program that you can use to develop 3D models for a number of popular 3D printers.

Autodesk 123D Meshmixer -its purpose is to prepare a model for 3D printing and their refinement.

3dtin -editor in the browser, the functionality of which is similar to Tinkercad.

Sculptris  is a program from the creators of Zbrush, available for free download. You can practice your skills 3D sculpting.

Google SketchUp is a very simple 3D program created IT-industry giant. With its help you can start to master 3D graphics.

Wings 3D  is a utility for simple and complex 3D-models. With the establishment of the three-dimensional models look like child’s play. The program has a set of bars that can be folded into a desired shape.

Art of Illusion  is a simple, convenient, and most importantly, a free program for 3D modeling, animation and rendering. Has a wide range of features and capabilities traditionally typical for commercial applications.

RaySupreme  3D application that simplifies 3D-graphics. PC users can create 3D scenes by typing the text description in English. Functional RaySupreme polygonal modeling is also before the creation of bodies of revolution, the extrusion process, Boolean operations, etc.

Programs for creating of 3D-models:

Autodesk  3D max  has almost everything you need for working with 3D printing technology, installation of additional plug-in will significantly expand this functionality. Suitable for 3D printing in case of availability of tools that allow you to verify the suitability of the model for printing.

Autodesk Maya-also has extensive functionality in the industry is most commonly used to create animation and special effects.

Autodesk  Inventor is a program oriented to the documentation (design and Edition). Compatible with AutoCAD and supports DWG format. It is used for more than 25 years for a 3D parametric modeling of objects characterized by a high degree of complexity.

Autodesk Mudbox is positioned as a professional graphics program that you can use to simulate machine (high poly) digital sculpture and produce texture staining of 3D models.

Blender is a free program for which you are creating a large number of extensions that enhance its capabilities.

ZBrush is a program from the company Pixologic. For her characteristic simulation modelling process 3D-sculpture, which enhances the 3D rendering engine in real time. This allows you to simplify the process of creating the desired 3D object;

Luxology Modo-program from Luxology LLC, which produced 3D modelling and rendering. Working Wednesday Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows. To develop MODO worked group of engineers who had previously worked on the LightWave 3D.

Rhinoceros is a commercial software used for three-dimensional NURBS modeling development Robert McNeel & Associates. Fields of application: industrial design, architecture, ship design.

Maxon’s Cinema 4 d is a versatile and comprehensive program that allows you to create and edit 3D effects and objects. Suitable for rendering objects Guro method, as well as supports animation and high-quality rendering. MAXON Cinema 4 d interface is much simpler than that of the analogues. The program also has built-in support for Russian language, through which it gained popularity among the Russian-speaking audience.

LightWave 3D  is a full featured professional 3D graphics editor that was developed by NewTek. The purpose of the latest versions of Wednesday-Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X can also function in Linux under Wine Wednesday.

Silo is software for 3D modeling developed by Nevercenter. From other similar packages of Silo different emphasis on rapid modeling.

Aartform Curvy 3D  is a program in which you can quickly sketch the shapes and convert them into 3D models. Ideal for novice 3D artists;

3D-Coat -gives you the ability to drill down and overlay textures on objects that were created in 3D modeling programs.

Programs for ACEs creating of 3D-models:

Autodesk Softimage  | XSI uses many studios to solve a huge variety of tasks. The main feature of the program is ICE (Interactive Creative Environment) Wednesday, allowing interactive creative increase its possibilities, even if you don’t own programming skills.

Side Effects Houdini  is a program with the capabilities of a procedural modeling, which is suitable for creating very complex models.

CATIA is a design system that was developed by the company DassaultSystemes. It can be used to describe products, after which simulate at different stages. In fact CATIA is a line of software products, which meet the requirements of major industries.

SolidWorks is a utility that is based on a three-dimensional solid state and surface parametric design. With its help designers create three-dimensional parts and assemblies constituted in the form of 3D electronic models. They can be used to organize 2D drawings and specifications in accordance with the requirements of ESKD.