Quality of Rendering Firm

Quality of Best Rendering Firm. The technology used to implement the most daring visual plans is called rendering. Briefly, its essence is to create a photographic flat image based on 3D-projects modeled in various computer programs.

This task includes many sub-tasks, from which the final picture with the correct lighting is created. Shadows, refractions of light, reflections, glare and other effects that we observe in the real world are counted.


The process is very complex and requires huge computing power. As an example, you can recall the movie “Avatar.” To render the effects for him had to spend about 40 million computer hours! Just imagine – one computer would perform this task for about 4,500 years! And here we come to the definition of the render-farm.

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What is a render farm?

Render-farm is needed to speed up the process of rendering. This is a large number of servers integrated into one system. In simple terms, the render-farm is like a set of computers that perform one task jointly. They are powerful and “sharpened” just under this process. Thanks to this speed of rendering can be increased several thousand times!

Where is the farm opportunities used?

These capacities are used not only for the creation of films and computer games. The most frequent customers of the service are design studios. They apply for a render of a naturalistic image of the object, which is still only planned to be erected. Those the building still exists only in the heads of architects and in their drawings, and the designer can already draw not only the structure itself and its interior (for example, to perform 3D modeling of the apartment interior ) but also the surrounding landscape, people, cars, and even choose weather conditions, which will be modeled.

Also, rendering is actively used when creating virtual tours. For example, you can stroll through the entertainment center located in another city, sitting at home in front of your laptop.

They can not do without render farms and organizations that install high-quality and complex videos. After all, a bright presentation or compelling attention to an advertising video must have well-designed effects that will require a lot of power when you create it.

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