Real Time 3D visualization

Objective Real Time 3D visualization – creating realistic images. This is an opportunity to recreate the object in ideal conditions: space and light and shade. Photos cannot guarantee 100% quality of the result, and can be more expensive. Real Time 3D visualization of objects suitable for presentations in advertising, exhibitions and projects.

The cost of Real Time 3D visualization depends on:

Complexity of the model for visualization; quality texturing and study environment; the number of renderings.


Visualization of objects in architecture

Helps to display  placement, design and finishing elements  before the building was constructed,  for the presentation of the project to investors  and customers. Make Real Time 3D visualization is important for planning the placement of the object in relation to the landscape, assessing the quality of lighting and the choice of materials of construction.

Real Time 3D visualization of objects: Technology

Designing highly dependent on the visualization, because it allows you to evaluate the concept and correct inaccuracies in the design and anchorage system.

Make a Real Time 3D visualization of the decor

Uniform lighting, more space to display perspectives and carefully selected elements – all this is very difficult to realize in a photo shoot. Especially if you own project at the development stage and does not exist in reality. Therefore, Real Time 3D visualization of objects is an integral part of interior design.


Visualization of 3D models of transport vehicles

Overall dimensions and complexity of the illumination of the object to make contact imaging, as effective and qualitative methods. It maximizes emphasize design, in proportion to display the details of the case.

The principles of the subject real time 3d visualization

The purity of the grid in the visualization of industrial plants

Apply detail only where it is needed. Maintaining the low poly mesh. The scene will be cleaner, neater and more convenient to handle rendering.

The object visualization: the real units

Using the actual values easier correctly adjust the dynamics and texture (especially liquid or fabrics).The contrast of the background in the subject Real Time 3D visualization. For online stores white environment looks professional and does not distract from the characteristics of the product. For the presentation of this little experiment with different background colors to make pictures of unique and interesting. Adding a simple environment will allow to reveal the function of the goods.

The steps of the visualization of industrial plants:

Registration for visualization of industrial facilities. We discuss the key technical aspects of the quality of the object (its size, material, texture). It is determined by the target audience and its main preference. To create a 3D model of an existing product selected references of all viewpoints. This will provide an opportunity to develop a model in proportion to any angle.

Texture Mapping in Real Time 3D visualization of the subject. This makes the surface of certain visual properties of materials which make up the object. Set up the lighting.  Expert’s studio NBY real time 3d visualization 3D imaging build exposure will adjust white balance and softness; will pick up the angle and shape of the light source.

Development of additional special effects to enliven the picture. It highlights, drops, fog lights. Rendering  visualization objects. This process is the finished image three-dimensional model in the 2D-version.