Three Dimensional Graphics in the modern world

Three Dimensional Graphics are now firmly established in our lives that sometimes we do not even pay attention to her appearance. Looking at a billboard with a picture of an interior room or infomercial about ice cream, watching the frames of action-movie, we do not realize that behind all this hard work master 3d Graphics.

Three Dimensional Graphics is:

3D Graphics (Three Dimensional Graphics) – is a special kind of computer Graphics – a set of methods and tools used to create a 3D object images (Three Dimensional objects).

3D image is not difficult to distinguish from the two dimensional, since it includes the creation of a geometric projection 3d model of the scene on the plane with the help of specialized software. The resulting model can be an object of reality, such a model home, a car, a comet, or be completely abstract. The process of constructing a Three Dimensional model was named 3d modeling and aimed primarily at creating a visual Three Dimensional image of the object being modeled. Today, on the basis of Three Dimensional Graphics, you can create a highly accurate copy of the real object, to create something new, to realize the most unrealistic design ideas.


The use of Three Dimensional Graphics

3d Graphics technology and printing technology 3d entered into many spheres of human activity, and bring a huge profit. Three Dimensional images bombard us every day on television, in the movies, when working with a computer and 3D games, with billboards, clearly presenting all the power and achieve the 3D Graphics.

The creation of Three Dimensional characters and realistic special effects. Creating video games – the development of 3d-characters, virtual reality environments, 3D objects for games.

Advertisement – 3d Graphics capabilities make it possible to benefit to present the goods market, with the help of Three Dimensional Graphics can create the illusion of a crystal white shirt or a delicious sundae with chocolate chips, etc. In this real advertised product may have many shortcomings that are easily hidden behind the beautiful and high-quality images?

Interior design – design and interior design development and cannot do today without the Three Dimensional Graphics. 3d technology make it possible to create realistic 3D models of furniture (sofas, armchairs, chairs, chests of drawers, etc.), just repeating the geometry of the object and creating a simulated material. With the help of Three Dimensional Graphics, you can create a video showing all the floors of the projected building, which may have not even begun to build.

Stages of the Three Dimensional Graphics

In order to get a 3D image of the object, follow these steps

  • Modeling – to construct a mathematical 3D model of the scene and its general facilities.
  • Texturing comprises texturing on the created models, setting materials and giving a realistic model.
  • Adjusting lighting.
  • Creating animation (moving objects).
  • Rendering – the process of creating an image of the object on a pre-established model.
  • Compositing or layout – post processing of the resulting image.
  • Modeling – creating virtual spaces and objects within it, includes the creation of various geometries, materials, lights, virtual cameras, additional effects.

The most common software products for 3d modeling are: Autodesk 3D max, Pixologic Zbrush, Blender.

Texturing is a superposition of the surface of the created Three Dimensional model of a raster or vector image that allows display properties and material of the object.

The creation, installation and adjustment of the direction of light sources to create a scene. Graphic 3d editors usually use the following types of light sources: spot light (diverging rays), Omni light (omnidirectional light), directional light (parallel rays), etc. Some editors provide the ability to create volumetric emission source (Sphere light)..

Animation – the creation of a moving subject, or rather motion simulation model. Modern 3D-editors provide many tools to create tools, there are also specialized software for animation with tools for building Three Dimensional models.

Rendering – the transformation of a Three Dimensional object model in a “flat” image. There are several types of rendering technologies, each of which has its pros and cons: Scanline, z-buffer, ray tracing, global illumination.

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