NBY Tour Operator Booking System Bangladesh:

Multi-functional Tour Operator Booking System Bangladesh that meets all requirements of a modern travel agency. NBY Tour Operator Booking System Bangladesh offers maximum comfort in any place and on any computer and this is just one of the motive that make up the success of our system. MDS technology-based system was developed as a complete solution for travel agencies and tourist agencies. NBY Tour Operator Booking System Bangladesh is characterized by simple operation and rapid action has an opportunity to present several options at the same time and access to booking forms:


NBY Tour Operator Booking System Bangladesh Booking trends:

Step 1: research

Organizer (you can select a number of organizers)

Destination (countries and regions)

Transport (transport type)

Departure from (choose one or more favorite cities or region of the country)

Type of trip (hotel apartment cruise tours 7 + 7 cabins camping)

Departure date (with a calendar of support the ability to choose the date range)

Search +/-(flexible term +/-number of days)

Length of stay

Type of meal (you can select more than one type)

Catalog (catalog name/number of the organizer)

Category (category of hotel-number of stars the ability to select multiple categories)

Votes (opinions of guests)

Hotel’s name with the function of auto-suggestions

Promotions and candy

Number of rooms (can be booked two rooms in one booking)

Type of accommodation (room type’s additives)

Number of participants (adult’s children under 2 years and children over 2 years)

Price per person and the total price (price level)

Additional search parameters:

Only available (view only the offers available on request)

Deals only with the description

Deals only with photo

Search offers just for seniors

Spare bed

Opinions-the customer is evaluating structures

Attributes – supplementary information on location of the hotel its services treatments etc

Grouping of results/special offers on hotels

Wide Panel colony research and youth camps

Additional functions:

The bottle support with different types of offers (cruises camps tours …)

Bookmark the search criteria used most often

Tour Operator Booking System Bangladesh TOP OFFERS:

List of countries and regions with information on offering great rates

Weather information (temperature of the air and water for the region snow)

Ability to control the position of the region on the map

Information about the region (e-Guide)

Sort by price and countries

You can select different countries and/or regions for research

Step 2: Tour Operator Booking System Bangladesh list of offers

List of offers with search criteria selected with the most important information:

The organizer of the hike

Event date

Type of transport

Place of departure and return


Name of the hotel/tour/service category hotel rating

Board and lodging

Price per person/total price

The availability of the offer (State)

Revision of the chosen hotel (alternative offers)

Additional information by clicking the appropriate icon:

Hotel information (description and pictures of offerings of the different organizers information about location region weather price chart

Price list for all participants of the trip

Booking mask

Number of seats on the plane the number of vacant rooms in the hotel

New! Lukas Finance payments

Additional functions:

Filtering the offers (left panel)

Add to “look at you”

Quick search-the chance to edit the search criteria without returning to the stage 1

Fast booking – the possibility of passing directly from stage 2 to stage 4 – reservation

Step 3: Tour Operator Booking System Bangladesh offer details

Details of the offer:

Precise information on the offer choice with description and pictures

The possibility of changing the place of departure the journey type of room and treatment

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In addition:

Alternative quotations

Similar offers

Supplementary services

Alternative departure city

Step 4: Tour Operator Booking System Bangladesh booking

Data form:

Enter the data of the participants and the debtor

Supplementary services

Reservation and booking option

Step 5: Tour Operator Booking System Bangladesh confirmation

Booking confirmation

Print confirmation with reservation number

Tour Operator Booking System ADMINISTRATOR MODULE:

This module allows you to fully manage the database of offers of special operators the agent at this stage and can eliminate the offers of operators with whom it collaborates. This module also provides the ability to generate and manage employee codes and confer the powers to employees of a travel agency.

At the time of access in the “Admin” then “settings” you will see a list of the fields and the box that the admin can arbitrarily set in the reservation system. First of all can enter the addresses of the travel agencies which are then used the Commission invoice price list or link IBE-link. The administrator in this module can disable box of system disable the right to see the booking or any supporting links set code CRM and determine the search results to enable or disable grouping results.

In the next box “employees” will be presented with a list of existing codes employed. After choosing from this list and then click “Edit” to set individual terms of reference of the consultant. At this point the system administrator can also block the ability to view booking commissions disable individual box and set the scope on the same reservation.